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well dudes und dudettes, last week on my birthday my girlfriend and i walked outside to go take photos and then mission off to go party (she got me an awesome bankie of chronic!!) and then i had that "dude.. where's my car?" moment.. fuckers stole my car right infront of my house, gearlock + immobiliser didnt stop them.. fuck... thats all i said.. then i started freaking out and shaking.. i'm still fucked off cause the stupid motherfuckers never spotted the tracking unit!!! So the awesome dudes and dudettes at Altech Netstar busted in on two suspects with choppers and strike teams and shit hahaha!! fuck i love that, the bastards got arrested and my car was recovered but now the car is at the police pound and they dont want my insurance or myself to see the car.. so they are probably stripping the car down for parts... shame my poor baby is getting raped by corrupt fucks tearing her up before her time.. all i want to do is kill them.. ask them if they ever thought that somebody loved and worked hard for what they just take.. then slit their throats.. watch the eyes slowly roll back and light a cigarette and walk away.. the bastards that stole should be hung by their neck until their feet stop kicking.. i hate this country, well just the fuckers that make it another third world african sink hole..

anyway.. here's a link to a shot my girlfriend took before i shaved my head.. (vid link up soon)

later all

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