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tho my cones slept well lol my head feels like it was in a blender.. i got home last night, whipped out some cron and typed my little tartan heart out about my ex and never saved it.. so i have no idea what i wrote.. had an insane time with my friends, tho i am worried some of them are turning.. scene.. O_o .. i still want to smash a bottle in the one dude's face, he is such a fucking ass. thinks cause he is in a "hardcore" band he can say and do as he pleases, fucking fat-lipped-zit faced motherfucker.. he treats the girls in the group like shit and always has a group of mates around just in case he gets into trouble.. i cant do anything cause a friend of mine is in the band and another close friend likes him.. why i dont know.. well when the fad fades so will he.. so im stretched out on the couch hung over and planning a horror movie with a friend over the phone.. oh btw.. i destroyed my old phone yesterday in a fit of pissedoffness.. but on the up side i got my car back tho driving is still a slight bit uncomfortable.. how the hell do the rest of you guys do it? i think i just need a sunroof.. my sister is coming over and i want to take her with filming.. she spent a year in new york so i havent spent a lot of time with her.. fuck im still pissed about not posting or saving that damn blog.. anyway hope you fuckers are doin ok.. now if you would please excuse me, i have a hangover to nurse..

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Comment by Kobalos on April 10, 2009 at 5:25am
Sorry to hear that, man. I feel for the unsaved writing and your other troubles. Nothing worse than having to deal with someone's friend that is a waste of breath. He sounds a complete coward hanging in a crowd and treating the girls bad. :/

Rest, man, and recover.
Comment by Hex on April 10, 2009 at 2:28pm
sorry about your phone...mine got broke last week when the dude that lives with me had some sort of violent fit issue.....and actually, i do have a sun roof and have found that is the easiest way to drive. i've found that half a bottle of pedi-lite mixed with a half bottle of water helps particularly nasty hangovers.


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