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03.07 Young Guns + Fightstar

of course not the biggest bands out there, but they rocked hard so made for one hell of a night. the guy next door to me waslucky enough to win some tickets to the itunes fest for last night with the headlining band being fightstar, you may have heard of them before, its one of the guys from busted who is the lead singer of this new band with a hardcore punk rock sound made a great atmosphere for some serious mossing and crowd surfing, i must say if anyone does get any tickets to go to the itunes fest it would be wel worth it, the saying nothing good comes for free, well this is something brilliant that was free, apart from the cost of a tube train to get there, which still makes it a total bargain, so trust me if you get the chance to go, go for it you will not be disapointed!!!

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