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Night In A Siniter 15th Century Derelict Church Called Cold Christmas

Last Night 27 Auguest 2009 was the first time i have ever been down to Cold Christmas which is meant to be one of the UK's most haunted derelict chuches. i had been to Hangman's Hill many of time not to far away from the church, where you park you car on the hill, take of the hand brake and the car goes up the hill rather then down, trust me it really does, but not all that scary to be honest.
Unfortunatly i had never found anyone else brave enough to come down to Cold Christmas with me until last night, me and 8 mates went down there to see what all the fuss was about. there have been many storys of ghost at the evil grounds, from groans and howling noises to a entire ghost army walking out of the church which even hit the head lines. one parnormal invesigation team called VEXED even said that this place had more evil spirits in it then any other place they had ever been to, when their Pentagram started to come towards them they ended up running away. i do believe in ghost's and spirits but it doesnt phase me it would take one heck of a ghost to scare me being a huge fan of horror and thriller movies so would love to expierance it first hand, this was ideal for it. A church that has a sinister background from being built facing the wrong way to devil worship stories and even a murder made this unmissable for me.
So in the pitch black of night we all walking into the forest from Christmas Lane, 2 people didnt even make it down the lane before getting scared and going back so with my phone light on i lead the group towards the old church, 1km down a narrow lane with overgrowth on both side, almost at a jogging pace as i couldnt wait to get there.
once there i was in ore of the beauty of the place, all shinning our lights at the steeple you could see the 15th centery gothicness of the place, the storys of a devils church and ghosts made my adreniline sky rocket as we walked though the overgrown grave yard to the steeple itself.
Then i was show a hole to get in which was 4 foot high by a foot and a half wide maybe 2. the inside was amazing you could really see how tall it really was and where each floor would have sat on its wooden beams still intacked with the wall, to the right of the entrance was another hole even smaller to the one used to get in but lead to a spiral stair case which can still be walked up all the way to the top. it was a great night for me unlike some of the group who really couldnt wait to leave one even bursting into tears being so scared but before i left i went through the grave yard reading the head stones the oldest one i read dating back to 1809, fitting as i visted an exact 200 years after. it was an experiance i hope anyone reading does go for.

HERE COMES THE SCARY PART THOUGH, all the time i was there i was recording everything from walking down the path, the tower itself, the head stones, even evidence in the buildings masonary which would point to it being a sinister church of evil rather then a place to worship, once home i plugged it in to watch the video as i couldnt wait to see how good it came out only to get the message "Unsupported Media File" this was no joke and had never happened when using the camera ever before, i tried everything possiable to get the file to work but nothing, it seems like what happens at Cold Christmas, stays at Cold Christmas............

im going back again soon with a night vision camera and hopefully will get better footage that will come back, but what i night, i think i will deffinalty be looking to find more haunted places to visit now!!!

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