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Now I Know Why Some Mowies Hate People Touching There Hair!!!!!!!

okay i totally understand now why some people hate other people touching there hawk, went out yesterday out of london for alittle clubbing, only to find that not only was me and me mate the only non-caucasian people in cambridge lol, any way back to the point we had a group of girls who where around me and me mates all night and for some reason felt the need to touch my hawk like every 5 minutes, i got sooo pissed off with it i ended up just leaving the bar and opted for a quite pub........ i totally learnt my lesson!!!!

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Comment by Kieran TheBear on June 24, 2009 at 5:12am
lol you know i have a mate who does that all time time too, but when she has alittle to drink i swear she trys to rip it off when she tuggs at it, but i always just put it down to the drink......


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