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If you're trying to decide what type of Mohawk to wear atop your shaven skull, peruse the photos below.  Pick the style you like best. Then hand the clippers to your buddy or your girl-friend . . . submit . . . and enjoy the hell out of it!!!

Come on -- admit it.  Deep down inside, every guy's secret wish is to have his head shaved into a Mohawk at least once in his life.  If only he can screw up enough courage to submit to the clippers -- and have balls enough to get stared at. 

Over the past two or three decades, Mohawks have become much more acceptable -- thanks to a huge explosion in the number of star athletes sporting awesome-looking team Mohawks.  Guys want to look like their favorite athlete -- and increasingly that athlete's head is shaved bald with a prominent strip of remaining hair running down the middle.

At some professional soccer games these days, it seems as if the really unusual players are the ones who DON'T have a Mohawk.  Same thing with MMA fighters.

Another huge factor in the exploding popularity of Mohawks is the surprising and rapidly growing popularity of head-shaving for fun.

Over the past two decades, more than 4,200 charity head-shaving events every year in almost every American community have raised a staggering $200 million for charity.  

A quarter-million people so far have gleefully lined up for the sheer fun of submitting to a public head-shaving -- usually before large, appreciative audiences in shopping malls -- in a fun-filled, carefully choreographed ritual that has come to be a cherished tradition.  

A quarter million shaved heads!!!  Amazing!!!

Thirty years ago if you had predicted that many shaved heads, people would have said you were crazy.  And that's only the ones shaved at charity events.

Every spring, TV cameras and newspaper photographers flock to those events to chronicle the delightful shock effect of seeing scores and sometimes hundreds of respected local citizens emerge from the clippers totally bald -- or Mohawked.  

And once people got used to the fun of seeing their friends and neighbors shaved bald on the evening news . . . including an astonishing number of incredibly brave women (Wow!!!  Sexy!!!) . . . then  Mohawks, which are basically just a partial-shave, suddenly became much more acceptable . . . and sought after.        

Thanks to all those public events, people have finally come to an amazing conclusion that hardly anyone would have believed three decades ago . . . that head-shaving is actually great fun!!! Surprise!!!  It's turned out to be the hottest thing going.  

Friends and family members come to watch your shocking transformation and take videos as your precious hair tumbles into your lap and you emerge completely bald.  Or Mohawked. Utterly shocking . . . but strangely intriguing.  

For this photo gallery . . . we'll focus primarily on the most awesome-looking Mohawk photos we can find . . . with an occasional passing glance at other types of head-shaving.

Since I'm a guy, I'll concentrate on guy-type Mohawks.  I love Mohawks on girls too -- but I'll leave it to the women to handle that.

I think the shorter, so-called "jockhawks" that you see on football players and soccer teams look really great for the athletes among us, who have to worry about helmets and sweat messing up their scalp lock during games . . . and for motorcyclists who have to wear helmets.

But if you don't have to worry about your scalp lock getting messed up in a scrimmage -- or on a motorcycle . . .

. . . then my personal preference (as you will see from these photos) is for leaving a substantial amount of hair atop your shaven skull -- enough hair to give it plenty of heft and make a real "statement" . . . enough hair to attract a lot of attention and scream:  "Hell yes -- of course it's a Mohawk!!!  Get used to it!!!"

What creates the real Mohawk effect is contrast.  The shocking, daring contrast of a considerable mass of darker hair plunked atop a skull that is shaven egg bald on the sides. 

I love the fanned Mohawks like the one on the left.  They look fiercely masculine and sexy as hell.  

But, to me, what looks even sexier is the shock effect of a huge mass of tousled hair piled loosely atop a freshly shaven skull, like the one on the right..  I think leaving a heavy mass of loose, messy-look hair on top adds to that sexy contrast -- and to the delightful, in-your-face shock effect.  

Wearing a Mohawk takes real guts, so half the fun of it is attracting attention and letting people know you have balls enough to wear one.  So unless you're a football player, leave enough hair to really attract attention. If you don't like attracting attention, then you shouldn't have submitted to the clippers.

Here (see below) is how one professional barbershop Website explains the stunning, super-sexy effect created by leaving an extra-large mass of hair atop a cleanly shaven skull.  The whiteness of the shaven scalp throws total attention on the mass of contrasting, darker hair above it -- like a stage manager throwing a spotlight on the star performer . . . with everyone watching in fascination to see what you do with the hair that escaped the clippers.

Here's how the barber's Website explains that startling effect:

Curly hair?  Not to worry.  As the photo above illustrates, curly hair can create some of the hottest-looking Mohawks of all.  

So enjoy the photo gallery below.  If you're still trying to decide what type of Mohawk you'd like, then peruse the photos below . . . pick the one you like best . . . print out a hard copy.....and show it to your barber.  Go for it!!!  

Along the way, I'll also occasionally toss in a photo of other types of head-shaving fun, just for variety . . . including a few shots of the jaw-dropping "reverse Mohawk," which, so far, is mainly an initiation haircut inflicted on  freshmen and rookies on athletic teams.  But that could change.  Stay tuned.

And the increasingly popular half-shaved head.  That's where half the guy's head is shaved egg-bald, but the hair on the other half of the head is left long and intact . . . a brand new style with the delightful fun of total shock value . . like the guy below who's totally delighted with his new shave job.  I have a hunch the style just might turn out to be the new Mohawk.  Wow!!! Looks like fun.

For bikers, who have to wear a helmet, the half-shaved head (above) is the perfect solution -- the same shock value as a Mohawk, but the helmet doesn't mess up the hair that's left, because it lies flat against your head.

Like the Mohawk itself, the half-shaved  head started out as an initiation head shave inflicted on unlucky freshmen and athletic team rookies.  But then a few Hollywood stars saw it on hazed NFL rookies and decided they really liked the look -- and the fad took off like gangbusters.  Go figure.











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