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I've about fucking had it with my god damn hick town. It's fun watching people look at me with fear in their eyes for that I might rape them or kill their faces with my boots or something, but things change. I'm the only punk in my town, and I want that to change. But how can i change that? there's a subdivision going up across from the public school, but punks in straight-up yuppie territory? Unheard of! Even my buddy from a town ten minutes away isn't punk anymore. What is happening to the world? At least he's trying to get his 'hawk back. But I've been reduced to sitting here listening to Rancid, DK, Op Ivy, and waiting in the bushes with a baseball bat to try and catch those damn burnouts who keep knocking the for sale sign in front of my house. I guess what Mohawks Rock has done for me is both opened my eyes that there are much more punks in the world than I first imagined (small town syndrome) and made me sad that none of them are near really sucks. So my solution is to take a page from Bendy's book and save money and go on a trip around the world and visit all the punks from MR!

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Comment by tyler hanke on August 3, 2009 at 8:33pm
come visit me :D


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