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Okay. Bolt Action Beaver, City in Ashes, THE LOST CONCEPT, (and another band that i couldn't understand the name of). SO the original concert i was gunna see canceled on us, so we were all pretty bummed but then The Downstairs decided that the show must go on. And they got a couple of other bands to show. Which was AWESOME!!! I'm really pumped from it. Haha. But the point of this blog was that: I GOT HUGGED BY THE DRUMMER OF THE LOST CONCEPT!! And alll thanks goes to my best friend ANNIKA!!! Haha. They had the drummer strip out of his pants and into his SHORT SHORTS haha. And earlier the electric guitarist let me take a few pictures of him and his sexy guitar that anni was mad for. (It looked just like the guitar she first fell in love with from another band). Well after the drummer striped, his short shorts had a wisconsin W on it. And anni used to live there so she screamed "go wisconsin!" and the guitarist turned to me (thinking i said "take it off" or something) and told me to get on stage. I did. And he ushered me up to the drummer saying that i wanted a hug from him. So he gave me one while the lead singer said "awww!" in to the mic. haha. fun fun fun. Then after the band was done Anni told the guitarist that she loved his guitar and he let her hold on to it and play with the guitar while he helped the rest of the band. XD!!! This was the best night of both of our lives!!! S'later.

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