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As of late I can't sleep at night,
instead I stay up and think of EVERYTHING.
all the things I did wrong,
all the shit I should of done differently,
all the people I left behind,
all the things I hate,
all of the mistakes I made,
all the stuff I'm missing out on,
all the shit I should do,
all of the problems in my life,
all the things I forgot to do,
all the shit I don't want to remember,
all the words I should of said,
and it drives me absolutely crazy,
Isn't this the shit you're supposed to
think about before you die?
I'm thinking about getting some sleeping pills.
Or maybe just more booze.

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Comment by Jenni D. on May 25, 2010 at 10:48pm
I hear ya, but I have an anxiety disorder... medicine helped, but made me feel hateful and unhappy, so whaddya gonna do :( sucks. I usually read until I pass out so I don't have to think while I wait to fall asleep. Or my hubby can be quite helpful, but we won't go there, haha.

Hope you find a way to get some peace.


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