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Would anyone cut off their hawk for a girl or a guy? (Everyone's input would be appreciated)

Just wondering what you would do because earlier, me and my so called "best friend" were in a bar helping a few friends with a show(i filled in on guitar for them and he tagged along)and he started telling me all this shit about how i need to cut off my hawk and grow my hair shaggy like that little bitch zac efron. I got pissed!! Im like,"Why the fuck should I?? Look like every other abercrombie clone that walks around with their head up there ass??" He starts listing all like things wrong with punk and metal stuff and sayin its not cool with girls and he's startin to get embarressed of me. I say "what ever! You still aren't popular, even after you changed your look" He says its cause he's hangs with me so he "suffers by association". I say"do me a favor and go back and tell all those hollister bitches to go fuck themselves!!!Fuck you! Fuck them!! fuck everyone that trys to change me into that shit!!!" Then he says I should just get rid of the hawk at least. I could still dress in my metal bands t shirts and stuff but the mohawk has to go. I just said "Go fuck yourself". I got up and grabbed someones beer and smashed the glass into his chest to ruin his $150 hollister shirt, and left.
Now I've been thinkin maybe he's right? Maybe I should shave the mohawk and grow it out? Half of me says I should and it'll really actually be better, but the other half of me says I shouldn't because it wont matter, most of the chicks would still judge me 50 feet away. What should I do??? I used to have long wavy hair all the way down my back and I think that might have been more popular than the hawk. I'm starting to kinda miss it. I don't know what to do? I'm still kinda in shock i guess and stewing from earlier.

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Comment by Toker on August 26, 2014 at 4:11pm

FUCK THAT DUDE MAN.....if he dont like your hawk fuck him.  I had fuckn long hair, then got a kept a long assed rat tail at the bottom of my hawk (when i got myself hawked I kept the tail) an chicks thought it rocked.  they thought the long hair was kick ass, then they thought the hawk with the tail was fuckn kick ass.  ya friend is a scum fuck an probably is a pansy ass prep.  TELL HIM TO FUCKN FUCK HIMSELF an enroll in RO FUCKN TC an get out of ya life.  I grew my hair out again an its half way down my back but i am thinking of doing the hawk again but keep a rat tail.  its what you want man...not your so called prep friend or some pissant chick.  dude u aint a sheep like your muther fuckn firend.      keep the hawk...grab a 40 ozer an take a long ass chug an tell ya friend to fuck off.  whats he gonna say he dont like your boots or jeans or ink or piercings or how much you drink  FUCK HIM he aint got balls.  most of us got big fuckn balls becuase we do what we want when we want  FUCK HIM and FUCK OTHERS LIKE HIM.


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