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At 12:59am on March 3, 2011, Derrick said…
Shit bro You play TF2?! Fuckin RIGHTS! Game is the best
At 9:12pm on March 20, 2010, Derek said…
Awsome, thankyou!!! this is exactly what i've been looking for :)
At 11:26pm on June 26, 2009, foofoo said…
hey i made a group, employed mohawks. let me know what u think
At 11:54pm on June 15, 2009, foofoo said…
what about saturday anime, and blue sub 6?? sht like that was awesome. but they still play re-runs of tv shows that have ended, y cant thye do it for the anime??
At 10:22pm on June 15, 2009, foofoo said…
do u think they'll ever put it back on tv??
At 9:17pm on June 14, 2009, Toxic☣ said…
Lol thank yooou! I have too much time on my hands ._. so I take pictures of my cats ;D
At 1:25pm on June 14, 2009, Toxic☣ said…
I just have to say, every time I see yer picture it makes me smile cause it looks soooo perfect lol
At 12:25am on June 14, 2009, foofoo said…
p.s. sorry it took me sooo long to reply, a lot of shits been going on. my life got crazy
At 12:25am on June 14, 2009, foofoo said…
nah, never could get a hold of em up here where i live. tiny town. i dont even think theres a comic store around here, i know of a sorta second hand 1 in PA thats only bout an hour away.. y? r they worth it comparing them to the show i mean
At 8:16pm on June 7, 2009, Du_can The Tu_can said…
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction :D

oh say XD I'm gonna try and dye it the rainbow for prom :D
At 4:49pm on June 7, 2009, Du_can The Tu_can said…
this was a triumph!

dude, you should dye your hawk :D
At 12:57pm on June 7, 2009, Du_can The Tu_can said…
dude, your jacket has the aperture science logo on the back.
plus your mohawk kicks ass
At 6:31pm on May 30, 2009, foofoo said…
thanks, didnt realize that, but yeah, i do. and its funny ed was my fav character on cowboy bebop. and some of the girls of course were great, and the cowboy himself too. its ashame that shows not on anymore. id still watch if it was. damn its been a long time too
At 11:58pm on May 13, 2009, Toxic☣ said…
Well they clearly aren't awesome. lmao
At 12:37pm on May 8, 2009, Antoinette said…
I bought the pads from Ebay, and just added my own personal touch.
At 12:48am on April 26, 2009, Skully Stitches said…
thanks for the comments on my pics. so whats up?
At 12:46am on April 24, 2009, Kobalos said…
*grin* Always good.
At 6:56am on April 22, 2009, J Walker said…
no, my moms damn autofill did it, thanks for telling me
At 12:43am on April 21, 2009, Rodrivy said…
the strap lays across the back of my neck (where the hawk ends) from there you just need to tighten or losen it to fit so the hawk can still be strait up and down . hope this helps
At 6:36pm on April 19, 2009, Gibby said…
thanks! it's actually just washed out, back down to the bleach. it was a really bright blue and i let it fade all out. but the bleaching took seriously about four an a half hours. it was nuts.

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