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At 6:48pm on November 9, 2011, Toker said…

dude u seem to be stretchin those lobes bro  FUCK YEA... getting muther fuckin wilder too man

At 10:23am on September 8, 2011, Toker said…

fuckn a dude....looks like ya stretch those fuckn lobes bro...hell yea man!  tried to call u a few times....we should connect man.  iv been up to bunch of shit an still partyn my fuckn balls off.

looks like your getting wilder to bro...fuck yea.   hey im headin to a week long wreckin party a bud is losing his house so gonna fuck it up....but ill call ya in bout a week man....


hey u got any new ink man  or any new mods......also what the fuck u been up to dude

At 7:38am on June 4, 2011, Toker said…

what teh fucks sup dude....just got out of jail.... my chicks fuckn father had me set up with the spend 2 weeks inside before my attorney got me the fuck attorney charged them with the charges were fuckn dropped.


been out since ghigh as a muther fucker bro.....but i cant wait to see that fuckn ass hole man....muther fucker


been partyin since yesterday....may go for a ink session this afternoon but aint sure


FTW bro an fuck the pigs

At 11:00am on April 12, 2011, Toker said…
dude  ffucked up  shhould be fuckn always at a fuckn wreckin party dude...been here since saturdya nite....should be done with the place by firday 8  of us muther fuckers here....wait till the landlord arrives  FUCK THE RICH
At 12:39pm on April 7, 2011, Toker said…



you being more and more of a punk bro? 

At 3:06pm on March 22, 2011, Eilena said…
oh sweet. i was  gagein my seconds but only got to 8 then took them out. i have 1/2inch though and going bigger for a mine or first holes or whatever you would call them.
At 8:08pm on March 21, 2011, Sugarcube said…

I haven't been on lately >_> Sorry


Plus your pictures aren't the greatest quality to work with D;

At 3:14pm on March 17, 2011, Eilena said…
not to much. stuck at school with a shit ton of fools. ha fuckk
At 2:42pm on March 15, 2011, Eilena said…
At 12:49pm on March 15, 2011, Toker said…
no prob man...been parytin my balls off bro....been to 2 wreckin parties to.....hey u gonna be around tonite man?
At 10:56am on March 9, 2011, Toker said…
its allmost 10 in the ffuckn mornin an fuckn flyin here man  FUCK YEA  dude illl call ya in a few hours...need to do some chugs with ya bro  FTW
At 2:09am on March 9, 2011, Dawn juice said…
yep pretty nice,thats the third time my bridge got infected
At 5:12am on February 24, 2011, Dawn juice said…
or keloid
At 3:24am on February 24, 2011, Dawn juice said…
thanks there infected >.<
At 8:14pm on February 22, 2011, Delete Me said…
Well I hope you get to recovering soon!
At 5:03pm on February 20, 2011, Delete Me said…
Glad to hear you're doing well! how'd you manage that?
At 9:36pm on February 19, 2011, Delete Me said…

Hello (: I'm doing well, just got in for the night.

How about you?

At 9:08am on February 12, 2011, Toker said…
dude hhow the fuck u been.....bro was at a 5 day party headin to another but u gonna be around sunday mornin bro?  let me no
At 12:36am on February 11, 2011, Skuzz said…
haha... yeah I did that for a year back in 2009. work in the daytime and go to skool at night. but my house was always the designated party zone, so it was easier to get fucked up and hang with friends. what's your favorite beer? and  favorite hard A?
At 2:21pm on February 8, 2011, Goon said…
well i havent been up to much, just.. chillin.. i guess.

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