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At 7:06am on February 9, 2019, Scalped 442 said…

TOM:  WOW!!!  I LOVE YOUR EXPLANATION OF THE UTTER THRILL OF PREPARING TO GET MOHAWKED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!  You're absolutely right -- the anticipation is indeed truly thrilling!!!  The excitement of having big enough balls to submit to the clippers for the first time . . . and then the thrill of walking out in public for the first time with your freshly shaven scalp lock and watching your friends' jaws drop in amazement at your super-macho new look . . .  is something you will remember with utter delight for the rest of your life.  It's an experience every guy secretly wants to have at least once in his life.

You described it perfectly when you wrote above that "It's the most sexy and masculine haircut I know."  Yes, exactly!!! 

Don't worry about what your friends will think when they see you.  I too got Mohawked very late in life.  And I too was a professional guy my friends would have thought least likely to ever show up with my head shaved into a shocking Mohawk.  But I can assure you from my personal experience that 90% of the sheer fun of wearing a Mohawk is shocking the hell out of people.  That's what it's all about!!!  You definitely wouldn't want to miss that exciting part of it.

You will be stunned at how many advantages your new scalp lock will bring.  All the waiters in all the best restaurants will vividly remember you -- and will often give you the best tables just because they love your Mohawk.  One waiter told me:  "We love it every time you come into our restaurant with that Mohawk.  All of us waiters draw straws to see which one of us gets to serve you."

I can tell you from my experience that-- even though your friends will indeed be stunned by your fierce new look -- your friends will absolutely love it!!! Most of them will go out of their way to tell you they love it.  Many of them will ask you:  "Can I feel it?"  Many of them will tell you quite openly that they're jealous -- because they've always wanted to have their own heads shaved in  that macho way . . . but they lack your guts.    

To your surprise, you're going to find out that your own personality is going to blossom like it never has before.  After a few weeks of causing jaws to drop, you are going to discover that having the balls to wear a Mohawk in public has given you a whole new self-confidence.  You will become much more out-going, friendly and extroverted, much more talkative with strangers, much more carefree and happy . . . because if you have the balls to wear a Mohawk, then  you won't give a damn what anybody thinks of you.  For the first time in your life, you are going to feel totally free to just be yourself.  And the hell with what anybody thinks.  Truly life-changing.

I welcome you to the Mohawk fraternity.  I envy you for being able to discover the sheer excitement of submitting to the clippers for the first time.  Enjoy every single minute of it!!!  

You'll be will be so damn proud of your Mohawk, you'll hardly be able to contain yourself.  I've proudly worn my Mohawk for five long years -- and I will never get rid of it as long as I live.  I absolutely love it!!!     In five long years, I have never encountered even one negative comment.  Not a single one!!!  But I've gotten thousands -- yes thousands -- of compliments.  People absolutely love Mohawks.

Mohawk fans everywhere thank you for writing the absolute best description I've ever read anywhere

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