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At 2:32pm on March 20, 2011, bendy said…
At 5:30am on November 3, 2010, DJ TRoLL said…
Hi! I'm a rock journalist and filmmaker. Checkout my page and add me?? Thanks!
At 9:32pm on October 4, 2010, Shitfaced said…
hey dude, stumbled upon your profile off of the anarcho-communist comment you made awhile ago on the anarchist group. After reading through your profile i realized were hella alike. just thought i should let you know.
At 12:59am on February 4, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
FOO, you never hit a bong?? They're tasty and interesting. Peices of greatness. good for thought
At 4:01pm on January 4, 2010, Dylan Barrett said…
You're a pretty far out guy! Hell yeah with the Rammstein and Combichrist on your playlist
At 12:59pm on January 4, 2010, Sarai Marie said…
ahhahaha thank you lolz and yes, i is crazy flexible XD
At 5:26am on December 27, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
maaaybeeee ::rubs chin::. thats cool B]

haha i better cuz hate the period when im growing out my hair
At 6:17am on December 18, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
very interesting... i never heard of anyone break dancing to metal or punk music.

ha i dont think id feel guilty or have remorse for cutting it off..itll grow back. but i figured out how im ganna cut my hair now. since my hair is grown out im just going to buzzed half of my head and have the other side long and have it spiked out B]. i havent had that kinda haircut before
At 5:08pm on December 16, 2009, Sarai Marie said…
hello handsome! XD im doing well and yourself?
At 1:51pm on December 16, 2009, Ezekielpoop said…
yepyep! I've got four of them, and they are beauts
At 5:12am on December 16, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
ha ohhhhh.. very cool B] where are you training to breakdance?

really? ah damn that suckkss. i miss have a full head of hair.. ive been stressing out so much that it was falling out. ha ':I . my hawks aint full as it use to be ive been thinking of buzzing it all off n trying to calm down
At 7:43pm on December 15, 2009, Ezekielpoop said…
Horses are beautiful.
At 5:39am on December 13, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
from weightlifting?

i dont know how long it takes. im usually always cutting my hair. my hair use to grow an inch a month in high school but now it slowing down
At 1:17am on December 13, 2009, cadell said…
thanks for the add mate
At 5:51am on December 12, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
nothing much just very bored right now . how about you? ha thanks :P
At 3:48am on December 11, 2009, VooDoo_Drunk said…
hi there
At 8:08pm on November 22, 2009, Sarai Marie said…
hahahahaha NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE!!! XD just jokes
At 12:14pm on November 19, 2009, Sarai Marie said…
hahahaha thanks XD yeah, everyone says i look older. XD and i could really go for a coffee right now. :)
At 9:12pm on November 13, 2009, Toxic☣ said…
Thanks! :3
At 5:10pm on November 5, 2009, Sarai Marie said…
im 16 and 2 monthes old! XD and give me coffee, sexy pants! XD

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