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At 8:44am on July 20, 2017, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day!

At 11:37pm on December 16, 2011, Lee Rose said…

i'm doing okay---just waiting for something to happen... is london as overcast as they act?  it seems like it would be neat.   and i would request the video to be put back up!

At 12:21am on December 10, 2011, Lee Rose said…

hey!  i showed that video you had on your youtube of "morning gymnastics in macedonia" to a friend at about this time last year, sha asked me about it today and i was sad to see its not up anymore....  :(

how are your adventures going? 

At 12:07pm on August 31, 2011, MP3 said…
ok well should i come over and bring a guitar or something? (i dont have an amp for my bass, so its useless really)
At 11:12am on August 31, 2011, MP3 said…
ah that sounds cool, how did you find out about this new place?

also, i txtd you, but dont know if you'll get it, but do you want to jam tonight if youre free?
At 3:08pm on August 30, 2011, MP3 said…
hey, no problem, not your fault, with so many phones around the reception was pretty shitty anyway. what did you end up doing after?

oh yea thats cool, definitely down to jam with you, im sure your lyrics are fine but yea, lets hang out and be musically inspired at some point. what is going on with the squat? are you still living there?
At 8:12am on July 29, 2011, MP3 said…
hey, that's cool that you found a job though. those hours do kinda suck, but i guess that's life :)

i dont know if you're still online, but i'm heading into covent garden/charing cross to have a look at guitars today. if you want to come along give me a txt or a call on 07411-803291.
At 5:59am on July 25, 2011, Annelieke said…


i just have to say how amazing your hair is.
i don't know you .. or anything,

but you really are amazing!!

keep up the hair ! :D



At 5:23am on July 25, 2011, MP3 said…
hey tossema, i noticed you said you were living in camden. did you make it along to the casualties gig in camden last night? it was a bit of fun. i've been here for a month or so, but still dont have a job, so i'm always keen to find new people to hang out with if you want to meet up at some point.
At 10:29am on May 31, 2011, Myke Schulz said…
Cool Ill check that out also. Thanks for the advise
At 4:02pm on February 28, 2011, Lotte said…

Hahaa, awesome :]

I really should begin learning how to make things properly.

At 8:30pm on December 16, 2010, Lee Rose said…

its really didn't, i love getting pierced though.  its very therapeutic to me.  thanks for such a quick reply and all too.

At 11:29pm on December 15, 2010, Lee Rose said…

you seem a very fun and a adorable person.  your photos made my day happier

At 8:06pm on December 1, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
Its all good tho. DRUGS not hugs. ok, hugs too...
At 5:36pm on November 29, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
? dn s,ʇɐĦʍ ʎ3ɥ
At 5:38am on October 7, 2010, Bedlam said…
Damn I don't check my page enough, sorry 'bout that. The blue that I use is "Blue Envy" by SPLAT <3
At 5:03am on September 15, 2010, Cpt. Oblivious said…
Thanks, and no problem. If I use it I'll be sure to give credit :)
At 6:32am on September 13, 2010, Bedlam said…
Your hair and clothes are so colourful! I LOVE IT!
At 6:18am on September 10, 2010, Brett Alan Spencer said…
that must of been epic :D i would of been in my element running round hugging people
and hugs back at u
At 2:29am on July 18, 2010, Jae said…
love Love LOVE your style!! It's probably been said a million times over, but the 'hawk with the stars on the scalp is killer awesome and I must compliment it!


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