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At 3:41pm on July 15, 2012, Belmans said…

Thank you! :D 

At 8:18am on July 6, 2012, Ezekielpoop said…

Sup yo?! If you're gonna be here for your birfday in July, we should totally hang out! 'Merica! Fuck yeah!

At 1:07am on June 8, 2012, Sarai Marie said…

hahaha yeah, i need to save up money, get my liscence, already have a car though, and get a better job in a different place. small towns are lame. lol things are okay in my world. just really wanting to get out of this town. lol you?

At 2:36pm on April 5, 2012, Sarai Marie said…

i know what you mean. im doin pretty good and i hear ya. but like a stripper once said to me "may all your ups and downs be in bed" lol

At 10:42am on March 25, 2012, Ezekielpoop said…

Wellllll, the plan originally was to just pass through, but then some other things came up, so now I'm living here. We should hang out when you get here. Just gimme a ring or something. I'll shoot you my phone number in a message. 

At 2:32am on March 10, 2012, Ezekielpoop said…

ayyyy! sup?! I'm chillin in Nawlins!

At 3:15pm on March 8, 2012, Sarai Marie said…

hey, hows it goin??

At 4:11am on February 16, 2012, CorpseQueen said…

I was never much of a perfectionist with mine, thankfully..or I prob would have given up and hacked it off out of frustration lol. I recently chopped off a lot of my hair because it was too long to put up so now I have to stop being lazy and try to put it up again! :)

At 4:13pm on January 3, 2012, CorpseQueen said…

Thanks for the picture comment. It used to take me about 15 minutes to put my hair up but since I rarely put it up anymore I have lost my touch and it takes me like 40 mins..and that's if it wants to cooperate lol.

At 4:07pm on December 27, 2011, badasszombie said…

oh lol nice

At 6:00pm on December 24, 2011, badasszombie said…

yeah ive been looking for a gas mask but there kinda expensive lol so i might buy one one day not sure though.

At 5:41pm on December 24, 2011, badasszombie said…

thanks! =] yeah i like other music besides punk haha, i got my helmet at a Army Navy store they have here i got it for pretty cheep too.

At 6:47am on December 24, 2011, badasszombie said…

hey thanks for the comment =p tank girl is epic 

At 4:19pm on November 5, 2011, Christopher Scum said…

  hey, i saw you're from Chattanooga, Ya like the Vivs or 40oz Folklore,Hill street Hoodlums?

 I'm from Knoxville, I've played with all those bands, haven't been down since Lenny's quit doing shows but heard there's a new place. Anyway, I'm in The DIRTY Works, ya might and might not know us.

Either way, Cheers from Knoxville!


At 5:34pm on October 12, 2011, Emily! said…

What days were you at Riot Fest?

At 5:29am on September 5, 2011, bendy said…

beautiful why thank you ^^ and england aint doin too great herself atm lol 


At 11:31am on August 30, 2011, bendy said…
its cus we all are badass :P xxx
At 6:14am on July 11, 2011, vinceK666 said…

hi! sorry I answer this late but it's been crazy with all the exams and gigs. I just came back from tour and I'm fucking exhausted but it was pretty amazing. A lot has been going on, again. I didn't get into any university but I knew I wouldn't get in (stupid finnish school system too damn hard and no one gets in) but I got a job and I'll start in fall at boundtattoo :) how cool is that, a couple of years and I'll be tattooing. So you've recorded your first demo? is there any way to hear it, on myspace or something? where do you have shows? what about everything else, how's going? hope you're well! :)

At 7:29pm on April 8, 2011, FITZ said…
At 1:34am on April 5, 2011, Nicole Ann McGill said…
I have not seen it..but I'll download it now!!! haha

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