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At 3:42am on April 22, 2012, Eurohawk said…

hey fella. good thanks! hows it going up in London?

At 2:33pm on May 11, 2011, Akasha Caz said…

heeeeeeeey how was the day out in Brighton?

Aint been on for a bit .

Did ur friend luv it over here? id much rather be in new york haha.


At 12:51pm on February 9, 2011, poppy said…

Oh yeah cool. Most of those are nicer places. I like st.ives and newquay.

There is absolutly nothing here though! I'm moving to London as soon as possible too!

At 2:27pm on February 5, 2011, Barbiepueppchen said…

ya (: thats why i liked directions :)

but here i was lookin for hairdye in the mall and it was just manic panic or raw color

well.. manic panic didnt work in my hair xD it faded so fast i couldnt even enjoy the color o.o  but hen i tried RAW color and thet stuff is pretty good too (: but i still like directions better

At 6:07am on February 5, 2011, Cpt. Oblivious said…
Cool, thanks a lot!
At 8:45pm on February 4, 2011, Barbiepueppchen said…

thank you :)

ya i know directions :3 i love turquoise and applegreen together is awesome and it doesnt fade that fast even in natural hair ;)

raw color is pretty good too i think (:

At 11:53am on February 4, 2011, Cpt. Oblivious said…
Hey man, noticed you're in the UK too and you're sporting a green hawk. Just wanted to ask what dye you used because I'm thinking of going green as well.
At 3:05pm on February 1, 2011, Barbiepueppchen said…

go with red!

i cant decide right now.. turqouise, purple/pink or bloodred .. o.o will see i guess :P

I still think the green lookes awesome on you (:

At 1:33pm on January 31, 2011, poppy said…

I'm in St.Austell/Par. Its near charlestown and kinda central but a bit chavvy (apparently we have the highest teen pregnancy rate haha). I like alot of cornwall though, we have pretty good weather and...y'know...fields. Where did you used to come to? :)

Do you wanna swap? I'd love to live in london :P

At 7:53pm on January 30, 2011, bendy said…

if i had pubes mine wud match my hair but pubes r gross




At 1:25pm on January 27, 2011, Zapp said…
cool thanks for the tip on hair.  Unfortunetly I cant color my hair unnatural hair colors cuz of work but if I ever do get to I have that web page saved to favorites for reference :P
At 12:07pm on January 27, 2011, bendy said…

they were inspired by my hair lol

most ppls eyebrows match their hair y cant mine?



At 11:39am on January 27, 2011, Toker said…

whats sup man  my friends call me Toker but some call me Inked Trash....


I like fuckn Bad trash


FTW bro

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