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At 5:12pm on June 10, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
yeah man i reckon it would be worth that much of a trek

theres a link to all the bands that are playin
At 5:03pm on June 10, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
yeah i think there is man, not really sure though

where you from?
At 4:51pm on June 10, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
yeah man theres the gig in telford in just under a month

lots of ska and punk band playing, and its free! haha
At 4:34pm on June 10, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
haha yeah i use directions or some crap.

haha thats shit man..

At 4:27pm on June 10, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
haha nah no sheep man

yeah blacks a cunt to get out. but at least it doesn't fade like fuck haha
At 5:33pm on June 9, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
yeah man. im camping down in wales haha.

i've just dyed my hair dark black from bright pink haha
At 3:27pm on June 9, 2010, Gigs McGee said…
i wish! but i wouldnt know how to hold it up, everything i use doesnt work for my hair, i think i may have to resort to glue. and i think i may have to do spikes considering my stupid mother isnt really for me shaving my head
At 12:13am on June 9, 2010, ZachAttack said…
Fuckin sick ass hawk. Saw the pic and had 2 comment. rock on lol
At 9:06pm on June 8, 2010, Gigs McGee said…
hey! no problem. im good, how are you?
At 6:29pm on June 8, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
yeah me to actaully lol

i haven't been up to much at all. apart from camping at geting completly fucked which is good fun haha

At 6:23pm on June 8, 2010, Rob Willis ! said…
Oi oi

cheers man

im pretty good, wishing i had some fucking beer though

At 5:03pm on June 8, 2010, Kobalos said…
Who's gonna argue with you, with those size 15's at the gym though? :D
I love technology, but only when it doesn't cost me a monthly fee ;) Not that it doesn't go wrong on me too - as my recent webcam setup did too, when I tried to show my 'hawk on it. But I can usually fix things and I like finding better ways to do things.
I use msn too, just don't like the ads before a call.

haha I'm a little biased over Skye being stuck there growing up. But yeah, you'll find plenty physically challenging climbs and maybe even rivers. We had a salmon river in front of our house on the moors which got pretty wild during the winter. No one ever kayaked on it though.

There was a WWII plane crash on Bein Netra (sp? a mountain near us), where the tale was that one of the airmen had stumbled out after and got his his head chopped off by the still going propellers. One of my older brothers went up a number of times to the wreckage left, brought back a rusted machete and part of an engine.

That's pretty amazing about the musuem guy, alright. Yeah, no wonder you were chuffed! Would be a great feeling stomping around in a bit of history like that, that very night! To think you are wearing genuine WWII boots not probably seen on anyone else these days, just out on your nights around town in Austria then. Can imagine how you felt. Not the everyday ordinary boots there and now you they are part of your image & history too. Pretty cool.
At 4:09pm on June 8, 2010, Kobalos said…
LOL Gangster punk! Kind of takes the meaning right back to its roots in the 20's!

Yep, can understand that. Indoors before going out, if you can get a friend or the self-timer to take them is usually what I end up doing myself. Saves the effort too.

I was sorting out my webcam too recently, Skype's pretty good for it along with meebo (which is great for simple vid without needing sign-up or programs installed).
Your spikes came out awesome today, got my 'hawk flattened today myself, so is jealous =)

Skye is barren XD well, the top part is, south part is quite nice compared. It's not bad during the right two weeks of the year during summer when there's no horizontal rain & gales and the suns finally out - but not to live! :D It's a very desolate, place - the folk are friendly, but very inquisitive 'cause they have nothing to do and nothing happens on a Sabbath! Not even TV...for the real natives. Perhaps it's better now! XD

But if you like hiking, it's got plenty great mountains, bogs and amazing vistas out to sea. It'll test anyone's boots! :D

Always interested to hear about anything rare. BTW, what was the story about how you got those german ww2 paratrooper boots from a museum in austria?
At 2:48pm on June 8, 2010, Kobalos said…
Which style of nike air? I've never had the cash to spend on a pair of Nike Air BW's (fav. style) - though they're probably very comfy and worth it. Size 15's very rare to know anyone with.

That must take ages - to hammer out the toe-caps.

Ah, I get that 'soon' a lot, had it 6 weeks ago for the same pic request I made of someone wearing their Grinders and got forgotten. Integrity is rare. Though I'll be honoured to have some great punk desktop backgrounds from you wearing them for some pics, including tread - esp. with your new spikes from your new profile shot. I think, at Xmas, I'll have the manger pics though, for a laugh.

Yeah, I doubt it'd matter to them, the tread's gonna still give them fun. XD

Malaig used to be our holiday spot - we moved up to the Isle of Skye for 5 years when I was 7. If you're kayaking, just bring plenty midgie repelent! The way to Inverness is a nightmare with them at night in a tent!

Yeah, flying up to the west coast probably wouldn't work - no airports I suspect...well, I won't get the chance to show you and your mate round there! heh heh I gave up on the west coast long ago after living there!

It's a not bad price, if I was around your area, seeing them first-hand, I'd go for that price over eBay. But it's safer with ebay from this distance.
At 7:23am on May 30, 2010, Kobalos said…
I know measuring might be hard, if no tape measure. The trick way is to place a CD box, battery or pen next to them, taking a photo - can work it out myself then.

Good news, maybe DM's have extended their range for wider markets. I did some hunting; found these new boots on sale in UK for your size:


And where there's new, they'll be second hand in time - 'cause I know they cost a fair bit there! Though the other brands linked are much cheaper. How much do your mates sell second hand boots for roughly?

Oh, and here's the converse I talked about - a bit wrecked on top IMHO, but the sole's still good. A bit of little-known history in the US Converse company. :D
At 10:29am on May 28, 2010, Kobalos said…
Wow, crazy! Just to get one pair of DM's like that to fit. Real lucky man, you managed that! How big are way length-wise and breadth? I'm only size 9 UK, thouigh some boots I got are size 10.

You'd probably have an easier time in the US with basketball boots - do you have any trainers or have same problems there?

You can see one pair of my Hidden Track CAT's (and the cushioned soles) in one of my pics. Pity I've got a pair in size 10's as well, but never come across any 14's - will keep a look out on ebay for any boots for ya if I come across your size.

Sorry, my mistake - mispelled them, they're 'Macadam's and they're a kinda cheap knockoff of CAT's, good wide toebox fit though and they've last quite well. For £12 new, years ago, can't go wrong!

Thanks! But nah, I ain't got money to spend on boots or travel :/ No job any more - 'hawk and freedom instead! :D If you ever are feeling like lacing them up, send us some pics of them on close-up, or a pic like my CAT's one so I can see the tread wear too.

LOL I came across those very same aryan wear ones online here from someone's comment. You actually saw them on a skinhead at the gig! Still, as a tread they would make good print marks in the mud! XD Irony is, I think if they have the branches are reversed it's like the original peace symbol meaning, without the ss flashes.

I came across a blog about a rare Converse style made in the US during the war, a couple months ago. They had a lattice made of repeating swasticas - one explanation someone said was that they were thought at the time to be stepping on the symbol, so that was why a batch was produced for sale.

I'm in central Scotland, about 25 miles from Glasgow. I have family also in Edinburgh. I've only ever flown for work to Notts and back a few years back - Ryan Air was cheapish then. Where you planning on visiting?
At 5:02pm on May 27, 2010, Kobalos said…
Thanks, man. :) Wish I could do spikes. :/

Sounds like you got a wide ranging collection, cool stuff.

Those custom oxbloods sound sweet! But how did one shoe last 10 years old? Resoled? And managed to get a match for it? I'd have thought they'd just use both 10 year old boots? So, size 14 is above the top of the range these days?

Got a couple of CAT Colorado's (brown & tan). A few pairs CAT Hidden Tracks - bought off ebay 'cause nothing made like them here now. And man, have they got the sweetest soles on them - talk about bouncing on air! Plus, 'cause they have padded leather, they fit like a glove and are dead easy to pull on. Best boots ever had - wish they still made them. :/

And of course, good old DM's, both 10-eye steel-toes and an old pair of 14-eye without. Plus, a couple non-big name ones (Macadm) I bought 'cause I liked the look and they were cheap. :D

Always wanted a pair of grinders, but no place has them up here in Scotland - and I don't really like buying too much online without knowing what they look like on. Ain't many folk got pics of them online either - just the standard 'perfect' new divorced-on-a-white-background shop ones. The tread on them seem priceless - 'teeth for yer feet'. =)

haha! Don't tell me you actually used it like that? Really?! Did you dent it? XD
At 2:52pm on May 27, 2010, Kobalos said…
No problem, man - I only noticed this site has the option not so long ago. Plus, what can I say? The pic's a brilliant idea. XD

You have size 14 feet? Whoa, I can understand how difficult it'll be to get pairs - what do you have these days? Still, the manger looks a handy spot to tie yer boots at Xmas. :)
At 3:05pm on May 25, 2010, Simon K said…
sound man. how you? im grand here ny news
At 8:37am on May 25, 2010, Pauly Fistfight said…

that's a starter website, you can buy on there with paypal or your card if you want. when it goes to the paypal site, if you adjust the total and add £20 to it if you want a jacket aswell.

that'll cover the postage for it too.

plus add a message to it so i know it's you mate...

that's the best way i reckon at the moment.

cheers man, thanks for getting in touch, but seriously, stop apologising, you're better at getting in touch than i am usually haha..


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