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At 10:21pm on February 11, 2014, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day! Time for a Hawk! :-)

At 2:18pm on November 22, 2010, poppy said…
i dont that much i just like quagmire haha.
do you live in wadebridge too?
At 6:55pm on November 20, 2010, poppy said…
its a quagmire thing haha.
and that is what molotov cocktails are for ;)
At 5:42pm on November 20, 2010, poppy said…
that was the downside to their double headline is that they didnt play as long. have you seen their lbc show on youtube. they played for like 3hours there.
bring on summer. thats when the weirdos come to play :D
At 5:37pm on November 20, 2010, poppy said…
all of them are made of win. its just zacky expels it more.
well they can just tour foREVer on the same albums.
life is samey. winter is slow. :/
At 12:48pm on November 20, 2010, poppy said…
i love them all! expecially zacky ;) haha.
and i prefer them keep going with mike rather then brake up :(
i told my friend about taste of chaos and were gonna try and get tickets!
hows life?
At 1:09pm on November 19, 2010, poppy said…
I woulda loveddd to see them with the rev, its so sad he died :( mike portnoy was still pretty crazy.
i really wanna go taste of chaos! maybe ill try and get tickets. i didnt even know it was going plymouth so thanks.
whey were now fb friends ;)
At 2:42pm on November 16, 2010, poppy said…
damn was it really 2002! :( i thought it was 2008 so they might be back in a couple of years atleast.
i would definatly pay to see stone sour again though, new near fave band :D
At 12:42pm on November 14, 2010, poppy said…
awh. im still buzzing. i hope they come back :D
At 12:42pm on November 11, 2010, poppy said…
I was so glad they played bat country too. It definatly my fave song although god hates us and unholy confessions were amazing as well!
who else have you seen at pavilions? it was my first time there.
At 12:25pm on November 8, 2010, poppy said…
haha, i was leaving and was like 'hey i know her!'
It was definatly one of the best concerts i've been too. I dont know about Hellyeah, their equipment was pretty bad and i was trapped between moshing cannibal-corpse-ish guys :S :L
At 10:50am on November 7, 2010, poppy said…
I walked past you at the end of the concert last night! A7X were amazing wernt they! I really liked stone sour too even though ive never heard them before.
At 2:04pm on October 24, 2010, poppy said…
Yeah! :D Its so exciting! Sophie said you were going. woo see you there.
At 2:31pm on October 22, 2010, poppy said…
apparently we're both going to the same a7x concert. woo 2weeks! :D
At 11:06am on September 14, 2010, poppy said…
ahh cornwall. its like englands rasist ass end.
that is a long time. you could just move there. live under a bench. spend till 8 in M&S. you could think of it like a holiday!
At 11:18am on September 11, 2010, poppy said…
ere but when in the country any place with more then 50 people and 3 shops is like a whole new world :L
sounds cool. long way to travel though :/
At 12:28pm on September 10, 2010, poppy said…
What courses are you taking? its like the best college cuz atleast its in a city haha.
and it was only monday and they made me cut off my side fringe bits.
so true, that was my excuse. i was like so obviously fashion is far more important then learning.
At 12:51pm on September 9, 2010, poppy said…
...creepy haha.
thats awesome. did you go truro? i have one more year to go (yay)
ima ok. just started school too. im in isolation for having a skinhead and tails lol. fucking system!
At 3:56pm on September 8, 2010, poppy said…
haha, everyone knows everyone in cornwall!
so...hows it going?
At 3:55pm on September 7, 2010, poppy said…
Hey...are you friends with someone called sophie leigh in wadebridge?
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