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At 5:39am on October 1, 2011, Derrick said…
Ia ctually got a halfsleeve, If i get the chance ill post some pictures. And yeah Im workin the 2 jobs. i lied,  its a fucking pain in the asss Haa, yeah Im going to quiit one of my jobs, not enough free time or sleep as it iss
At 11:21am on September 15, 2011, Derrick said…
Ahh shit eh, I got the one tattoo stenciled and outlined. Going to get it shaded in a week. And Ive been workin 2 jobs haha takin it easy. How are things for you?
At 12:42am on September 2, 2011, Derrick said…
Hey how you doin gaby, did you get your tattoo yet?
At 2:51pm on August 1, 2011, freak27 said…
lifes treating me well yet the sun burned up pretty well...
At 1:59pm on July 30, 2011, KHAAOS said…
It's a girl called Bandit (:
At 11:11pm on July 27, 2011, freak27 said…
haha agreeed!
At 6:06pm on July 24, 2011, KHAAOS said…
love my dog (:
At 10:33pm on July 23, 2011, Derrick said…
At 7:51pm on July 22, 2011, Derrick said…

lol yeah.

For the bat symbol, i think It will look pretty sick when you get it done!

And exactly! you got what I mean man, a lot of it has to have some balance between the 2. A lot of the things we seek becomes a contradiction. Nothing can be too easy

And yes, the good stuff, is like a reminder for what you enjoy the most out of things. Even if it ends bad haha fuck, somehow it just keeps comin back.


As well, I forgot to mention, that. Is a pretty awesome moustache

At 10:55pm on July 21, 2011, Derrick said…

Sorry part 2,

Its just something we cant just leave around, it will just bite us back in the ass one day and we will get trapped behind barbed wires, or trapped in webs to be devoured by the beast. or something worse. Fuck iunno.

But for the Eclipse, in my life I felt I wasnt worth much to anybody, Sometimes getting put in the shadow, or let down whatever. Getting judged for the benefit of the laughter. But meeting new people it made me see the better, and this eclipse it brings me to this girl I met. We had a good thing going, friggin loved her. Meeting her showed me that no matter what in this place, opposites can come close and be one. Shit, I probably got soft and all, but she had the qualities that I could not fathom. And I to her. Well, till shit hit the fans hahahaha. But its a good reminder I guess.

At 10:48pm on July 21, 2011, Derrick said…

Righteous, and Deep. I agree with you completely! Its got to have some meaning to you or else why do it at all right? I mean all the people who just do the tattoos to get attention or because they think they will be allstars after getting one? Fuck that, when they get old they just spend another thousand bucks getting rid of that art, its so pointless for them. I mean we dont have that kind of money to just piss around! If you get it it has to be meaningful. Not just some stamp with no message, it just becomes art with no power. With that batman symbol, I think regardless whether its just the black and yellow or not. It clearly means something to you. No matter what, as long as its you and means something to you then there shouldnt be anything else to hold you back. Its a symbol you can go back to no matter what, something people cant take from you. and something more original for the bat symbol? hmm not too sure, hahaha just spitballing, but have some studs sticking out of it, or have it bleed i dunno. maybe have something on there that reflects you, maybe something to do with the Dedication and drive like you said. Maybe you got something else in mind?

Yeah and the barb wire, I agree its been so overused. But to me the Spider web and the barb wire, to me represents in ironical sense "freedom" to make sense of it, you have to think the definition of True freedom. What would it be? To do whatever you want, with no cost or consequences and let the world burn to ashes in expense for your well being? fuck no there can never be "true" freedom,  everything has to be held accounted for somewhere along the line. I mean of course given not to live under a fucking rock for the rest of your life i mean, we can act stupid sure. But when it gets to the point where our actions are given with no regard where we fuck over so many peoples lives just to have fun without a reasonable purpose, somewhere the freedom is taken away. And that we cant just leave around

At 11:17am on July 21, 2011, Derrick said…

hahahaaha, you and me both. I use to snowboard but that was years ago, havent got the chance to go back.


And Yeah thats true, you dont want to just pick some random tattoo and have to stick with itand not actually enjoy it if you get what im trying to say? the ink is forever, its fucking Art man!

And for me,  theres this half sleeve I want to get, I cant quite describe it I dont know i need a picture of it to show but I cant quite find one. As well I was thinking to get a spider web along my neck reaching to my face, or barbed wire. And a blazing eclipse on the back of my neck, just a few ideas.

So what makes you want to get the bat symbol?

At 2:07am on July 21, 2011, Derrick said…

thats pretty funny, you should come up here man. In this town the weather is erratic, no clue what the next day will bring. I remember one time in the middle of july it actually snowed, and then it went back to blazing summer. Fucked Up. Friggin love snow tho, snow ball fights, rolling down hills, my spikes actually survived it once i was amazed.


That would be sick, definitely go for it.  But you dont need me to tell you that haha

At 11:29pm on July 20, 2011, Derrick said…

My bad, i completely forgot lol, Shit 37 degrees? holy tits thats boiling, shit alright you win the hotness factor hahaa.

Yeah thats not too bad little extra cash can go long ways

And for me? probably workin as well, finishin up my volunteer hours so i can actually get the diploma and get fuckin paid. But nah nothing big at all, probably chill with some people have a few drinks, be stupid. Pretty much what the summer can bring eh?

And Probably going to get a tattoo sometime, either a sleeve or something on my neck. Love tattoos man, i just gotta get enough money for one. How bout you? do you have any tattoos?

At 10:08pm on July 20, 2011, Derrick said…

hahaha, thats fuckin hot. No pun intended. Yeah best I like temperatures between -15 celsius and +15 celsius, those my perfect temperatures, never too hot for anything nothing too cold for a fuckin parka.


So what do you have planned for these next few months under the sun?

At 4:54pm on July 20, 2011, Gibby said…
Lol. Thanks for the comment dude! And I gotta say you have an epic fan goin on!!!!
At 7:37pm on July 18, 2011, Derrick said…
Shit man, this summer is blazing. I for one am more of a wintery kinda guy
At 2:21am on July 17, 2011, Derrick said…

Fan fuckin tastic, workin at a pharmacy. Selling drugs lol.

You? hows the summer treating you

At 6:09pm on July 16, 2011, Derrick said…
Hey love the hawk
At 2:28am on July 1, 2011, Seahoarse said…
That's cool, I live on the east side, near horizon or so :D Why'd you move, if you don't mind me asking?

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