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At 8:22pm on November 15, 2009, Russell scott Ash said…
happy mohawks day yu weare it well some due and others cants lov e your syyle so independent i am also independent so rock on yu be yu and i will be me again happy mohawks day courtney ash ialways say that cracks me up lol
At 10:29pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
wats ur facebookname ? lol....
At 10:18pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
did not even know creepshow was playing lol..... but my money state is very well right now..that and im not a megafan of most likely not*thumbs down:(

neway mind if i add u on facebook?
At 9:56pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
lol well if u see a guy in a custom homemade misfits skull mask in the pit dnt b skared of him and come say hello! lol waht about set your goals,and dropkick murphys,you goin to em?
At 9:48pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
50-60 seems quite hefty....but i guess thats goin into paying th artist who keeps everything clean compared to some friend randomly messing with needles..

but ya,sorry for the inquisition llol . u cleared up alot of things i was curios about,and possibly leading me to get some lip piercings in the near,future when i got 100 buks to drop so easily lol so thank you very much!

so are u hitin up the isfits concert? tomrow night?
At 9:40pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
they heal fast! wtfudge,i heard it takes a while to heal lol which is what threw me off. what about chances of infection on mouth peircings? high? regular brushing of teeth n mouth wash good enough/?
MMmmMm cheese! so what would u say a metal spacer smells like compared to a wooden one? stilton to taleggio? kuz both are prety amazing lmao.......but if u clean them regularly they still smell:O how much would s spacers be? or two lip rings,gerenally speaking.
At 9:26pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
three tattoos that is*
At 9:24pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
lol ok,well first off,what the after kare like and geting snake bites or lip ring? and my friend has spacers in her ear,but when she takes them off ,they kinda, odor...and not a pleasant one in the is that normal? :S . kuz iwas thinkin of getin them done,by one wiff of that turnned me off COMPLETELY. and they dnt hurt much compared to tattoos im guesin? kuz i have 3 n they were like a 6-7 on skale of 1- 10 of pain...and lastly,prices....but ill let u answer the rest for now lol
At 9:19pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
ive never heard of it ...sory to say lol. but thats quite a coincidence,i was thinking of gting pearsings,but havent had the time to ask around about them.mind if bug u for a litle bit ? lol
At 9:06pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
ohso ur west a westener eh! kool lol your a tattoo artist? have i creep-read this wrong? lol what store are you working at?
At 8:50pm on November 1, 2009, jeff mendes said…
haha sweet! are you out in scarberia by nechance?
At 1:54am on August 16, 2009, Skully Stitches said…
hey. whats up?
At 2:41pm on August 14, 2009, Ryan 'Pigeon' Westwood said…
nothing much just watchin casualties vids on youtube
wat bout you hows u?
At 1:49am on July 23, 2009, sandman said…
but hey, when can you not see nofx and flogging molly and not call it a good day?
i loved flogging molly when i saw them.
At 1:47am on July 23, 2009, sandman said…
oh man.

i remember when i was a lot younger, we went via subway in Montreal, and when we got on the train. the WHOLE cart was full of punks(vests mohawks and such) and the entire place was full of them, i remember EVERYONE had shirts they made(best by far was a guy who had the shirt :SARS is now here. your all fucked".

the next time i went, it seemed a lot more toned down, there was still a lot of punks, but defiantly a lot of people who 'weren't still a ton of kickass bands though.

that sucks balls though, it used to be so great, now its slowly become more of a money place, since they know thous 14 year old girls will buy the shirts and the 8$ water :\
At 11:25pm on July 22, 2009, sandman said…
thats awesome lol, what was the crowd like?
i remaber when i first went, i remember a LOT of punks, then the next time it was like half the amount, just a huge drop. what was this year like?jsut really curious to see if there trying to get different people with the bands there bringing.
At 11:03pm on July 22, 2009, sandman said…
looks like you had a hell of a time at the warped tour haha!
At 4:16pm on July 16, 2009, tofu said…
keele/st. clair area. i usually stay exactly in the downtown core... keele-yonge, south of st. clair
At 1:07pm on July 16, 2009, tofu said…
who... west of kipling. i generally don't go that far south or west.
At 9:23pm on July 15, 2009, tofu said…
i have no clue where that is...

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