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Does anyone have a formal way of doing their mohawk for like a ball, prom or whatever? My friend asked me to go to Military Ball with him and I wanna wear my 'hawk up, just a simple fan but I wanted to see if anyone had pics or anything to help me out.  Thanks!!!

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You can pretty much get away with anything as long as you are the date. For example me and my brothers dates had pink and purple hair :)

you can get away with it easy even as a guy to my dads wedding i had a suit on rolled up trousers and my hak up and it was all good so as a girl im fairly certain if you were formal clothing or more formal clothing then usual but your hairs up or what not you'll be fine

I wore mine up for prom and homecoming. If I get around to it I will post pics. There is another thread identical.

Thanks everyone, I got some ideas now. It will deffiantly be a fun night


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