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hey does anyone out there listen to Aqua lol? or does anyone even remember Aqua? If ya like them whats ya favorite song by them? ill admit i love listenin to Aqua my favorite songs are Candyman and Boom Boom I Want You In My Room

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Yeah I like aqua, especially Boom Boom.
oh wow i havent listened to them in ages, but i used to love their aquarius cd. i think i liked cartoon heroes from it. i dont really remember though

Or am I lost in the plethora of 90's one hit wonders?
lmao ya gotta love aqua
its good fuck music when ya not in a sadistic mood which is never for me lol
Check out Tilt, too. And the descendents or ALL if you're in a lovey dovey mood or just want a change of pace.
Cinder Block (the girl who is singing :-D) now sings for her newer band, Wretching Red...which I think you might like. The contrast between the two is very interesting.

I love these bands too haha
this may be a stupid question but do they have anything to do with Tilt (the drink)?
Not that I'm aware of (but if it's a brand new drink I can say beyond reasonable doubt, no).
They 'broke up' some time ago.
ah damn that sux
I did a karaoke duet with my sister on that - was showing her the SingStar clone, UltraStar. XD Gotta admit singing Ken was fun.

Though I don't think we did it quite as well as these two:
cartoon heroes
while on the topic:

Who remembers Chumbawumba?


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