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hey does anyone out there listen to Aqua lol? or does anyone even remember Aqua? If ya like them whats ya favorite song by them? ill admit i love listenin to Aqua my favorite songs are Candyman and Boom Boom I Want You In My Room

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Yep! That would be them!

I'll have to see if I still have that cd laying around now.
I was a big aqua when I was a kid...My favorit song was Dr Jones.
hahah its funny too listen to Barbie girl now when I understand the lyrics and i relaze how sexist they really are...damn and I loved that song when I was like seven XD
I got a concussion once in college while playing football. I was out for 8 hours. The best part was I don't remember a thing about it. The worst part is that apparently I sang "I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world" for those 8 hours.

All I can say is that thankfully Youtube and other such easily posted stuff was not around back then. I'm not sure if I could live down video of me singing those songs while concussed.
lmao i wish i coulda seen that lol


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