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What kind of attention does your mohawk attract?

First off, I'd like to say that Im going to be hacking myself a mohawk this summer. I plan on doing the duct tape method. I'd do it sooner but I plan on getting a job in a month or so. I figure if they already have me hired and THEN I get a hawk, they wont get rid of me.

But I was wondering what kind of attention your cut gets. Im sure you get plenty of it , but what kind. Good, Bad, Enthusiastic, tell me your experience.

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From young children to old women I mostly get either "can I touch it???" "Awesome!" or "Ohhhhh my god."

The respective answers are usually "no." "Thank you" and "I can fix that staring problem you have"

Not usually many rotten reactions and when there are, they're easily fixed. The only thing that really peeves me is when people try to take my picture without asking. That's when I get nasty.

As for the people in my life, my friends love it and think it's very much me and on the flip side of that, it only adds to my intimidation factor(that I've recently been informed of) when it comes to guys.

The reactions are quite mixed.
Did i ever tell you guys about the old women in a fast food place right by my college?

(Spring '08)
These two women came all away around to where my friends and I were sitting to come talk to me. At first, I wasn't sure of what was going on, but the tall lady's best friends eyes lit up so much. They told me to keep doing what I was doing if it made me happy, cause "it wakes old folks like us up to have something fresh and amazing to look at" and they absolutely loved it and wanted to try a mohawk themselves. They even asked me if i thought they had enough hair, haha. They asked about my vest, how I did my hair, the colors, and even the bullet belt, just taking in every ounce of information they could. And! Before they left they both gave me a big hug.

I love old sweet women. ^.^
Ok.... I live in the middle of christianrepublicanguntotinghicksville so pretty much anything that stands out from the normal clones here is scrutinized. Overall my mohawk gets a LOT of attention. I have people wanting to touch it when it's up (the mohawk.... O_o ), people screaming "sweet mohawk dude" from across parking lots and out car windows. Of course, the oxblood DM's complete the attention grabbing look. Throw in a british accent and after a while I have most people entranced. It's quite disturbing really, because in England, nobody gave me a second glance.
This summer, it seems to be little girls going 'Look at that guy's hair!' and getting distracted when I walk past. Quite funny, one mum said to me (about her kids staring and ignoring her): "You're getting your hair checked out there!" :D

Oh, and I scared the delivery man running up the side path to show him the way. Real funny, 'cause he was a big, tall, burly older guy and yet his face just dropped open in worry. He even had to tell me later that he'd got a fright. XD

In fact, this summer has been very nice, no hasslers for once.
but most of the bs ganstahawkers cut em off when it gets to real lol
Walking down the street, NO one pays attention to the road. The first day I ever had min spiked out, I took a walk and me and my friend who also has a hawk were called fags. In school, people are really immature and laugh or call me a freak. Or just go "OHHHH!!!" because that makes so much sense. My friends said "what happened to your hair" or "isn't that a little much?" But some of them were mature and just said it looked good. Some of them didn't care and said nothing about it. I had a couple people wanting to touch it and a couple saying I had a lot of balls. I muttered a lot of idle threats under my breath that first day. The security guards enjoyed it. And they're ex-cops XD
I Charge my hawk 1,2,even 3 times a week  and I have found that (Like nice boobs on a girl) people will stop what they are doing and address you when I go into a store or establishment!  I went to a Hospital here in Denver to see my Girlfriend's Sister in emergency and I remember sitting down ,low-key patiently listening to the doctor as he explained the things they were doing to her . I was amazed when He stopped and started to converse with me about my hawk . I was definately shy ,because we should be talking about the girl  and NOT my hair.  Hehehe just an example I had in my travels with the Hawk!
Well I can say this,,CHICKS LOVE IT I never have gotten a bad response from a female ,,,ever,BUT of course your going to run across a couple of ass holes here and there but the good outweigh the bad responses by far
I get stared the hell out by old ladies and kids sorta avoid me or come up to me and gasp.
and the occasional mother dragging her kiddies away from me with a tut, that was before i got a hawk, so with it it is the same only a little more obvious and it can be a little annyoing when dudes follow you around shops because you scare the customers by buying the stuff you need to survive.
then again chavs/jocks don't fuck you with as much.
JUST CRANK UP YOUR MIDDLE FINGER lol or I normally say in a loud voice ''hey take a pic it will last longer'' that usually chase the assholes away
Little old grannies with walkers that must know how I keep my hair up and what I use. Compliment, say that I would make a good friend for their grand-daughter/grand-son and walk away....


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