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What kind of attention does your mohawk attract?

First off, I'd like to say that Im going to be hacking myself a mohawk this summer. I plan on doing the duct tape method. I'd do it sooner but I plan on getting a job in a month or so. I figure if they already have me hired and THEN I get a hawk, they wont get rid of me.

But I was wondering what kind of attention your cut gets. Im sure you get plenty of it , but what kind. Good, Bad, Enthusiastic, tell me your experience.

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I type with my wenis sometimes.
i'm great at wenis typing, the trick is to get huge keys
make it yourself, it works, trust me im a doctor
i so am
hell yea. im a longhair with hair almost to my ass an been thinkin of givin myself a hawk with a longassed tail but i gave my 13 year old an 2 year old both a hawk an it fuckn rocks. some people look at the 2 year old with disgust...between his hawk an his earrings...but it is kick ass. the 13 year old just tells people to fuck off if they give him a hard time....both are bad assed an its great. my 13 year old also has his lips ears an nostrils pierced an is growin a tail for his hawk....but he loves it. the reaction of people dont fuckn matter...if they aint punk...their shit.
Moslty good comments :D from people they ask how do i keep it up lol and how they had there hairstyles when they were younger ..
I do get weird looks from people to there problem no mine!
Old women come up to me all the time and talk to me about my hair.
In a judgemental upper-class town like this my little faux-hawk is simply too much for some people. A few parents have come up to me and asked "what does your mother think" and I reply very respectfully "My Mummy puts the back up for me when it gets too long." the often just walk away scowling. A lot of kids are nice about they come up and ask politly if they can touch it and I say "sure just don't bend it please."
The rudest thing was at a school funtion a boy kept running up and purposly messing up the back of my hair and running away I wasn't chasing after him but after the 5th or 6th time I grabbed the boy into a headlock and started ruffling the back of his hair then I let him go and he ran screaming.
some old grandma ladys like it.
but i get more.
what did you do?!?!?!?

....well you see...i got attacked my a razor...obviously.
for me.. when i cut my hair into an 8in hawk i certainly was looked at differently. first day i had it i was walking down the street with it up and got yelled at and call an "emo bitch" but since i technically dont care what people think i ddint care. i also got beelined alot which was nice. Normies would step out of the way for me since i already kinda have an angry looking look on my face anyway, since i lived in rich bitch santa barbara califrnia everyone stepped out of the way unless they had beef. but it was nice for me since people annoy me alot and they would leave me alone unless they were either also a punk or my very good friend.
LOL I didn't know emo kids have mohawks...
good and bad attention. but mostly the people who think the bad things don't actually say them. i can't go anywhere in public without people asking me how i stand it up - so sometimes i'll actually wash it out before i go out. kinda annoying. especially when you're waitin' to cross the street or something, and people in cars will sit and point at you or stare. happens to me all the time. it's like, "dude, i can see you staring at me..."

people think they're so clever...(they're not)


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