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I've had the most success using Schwarzkopf Got2BeGlued Hairspray and a blowdryer.

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i like to use aussie insteant freeze spray, or the got 2 b glued mixd withe the freeze spray, plus the aussie hair spray makes your hair smell really good to lol
Got2b does work good. But if someone wacks ur mohawk or u bend it a little for me, the thing gets really loose
i use garnier spray hard in my country dont sell got2be spray
beezwax does awesome but its messy and it takes a few washes to get out but as far as gettin the job done its great
I use Got2Be Glued freeze spray....and the glue its self....and a blow dryer obviously...and I have had mine up for like 48hrs at a time...just sucks cause I get dandriff....soo I had to wash it out...but it can lasyt like forever...haha
Yeah, the itching is really the only reason you ever have to take a solid hawk down. It always pains me to kill a perfectly solid mohawk, but it has to be done at times.
When I had my hawk I used Got2Be glued and freeze spray. Found that to be the best and my hawk was between 3 to 6 inches [had it for 4 years, never liked to get it too long]. I often thought I didn't need the spray though, the glue worked well enough, only used the spray cause I had it.

I'm gonna be getting my hawk back soon though, and want to try some of this stuff you guys are talking about. I'm thinkin about Knox and egg whites.

Haha, using some generic Walgreens glue [Got2Be knockoff] and this shit sucks so bad...
I got a full head of hair now and I use it to slick it back every once in a while, but it gets loose in less than half a day. Avoid it if you can.
I use Got2BeGlued freeze spray glue stuff, and the only real problem I have with it is the fact that I have brown hair and the spray is a white color so it looks really gross. Am I just not blow drying it enough or should I just switch to Ravex4?
Also I'm 15 with a nearly 10" mohawk so I can only put it up on weekends, stupid varsity soccer, eh.
I used to have a foot tall mohawk and I never had any problems with hairspray. I would think that you're either using too much or not enough. Something to look into might be applying a think coat of got2be spiking gel or spiker glue or something more liquid at the end for the finish. Hopefully this helps a bit. =]
i was referred to got2be but cant seem to get any anywhere,

just use some cheapo VO5 wax and a good can of expensive hairspray
If anyone here is from england then tescos own extra strong hairspray in an orange can (if not then just any cheap strong hold hairspray) and a hairdryer then once properly in place a nice coating of pva glue, stays up for a long time bu make sure you use a water soluble pva glue or youll have a mohawk for life till you decide to cut it off ;)
aquanet and knox havent failed me yet even with 13 inches of hair and a night sleeping on it.


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