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I've had the most success using Schwarzkopf Got2BeGlued Hairspray and a blowdryer.

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Well, I know that like in our capital you can definetly find got2be and probably everything else you mentioned over here, but for me It's too expensive to go to Riga, and got2be would be pretty much pricey too.
Hair spray and elmers.
I use got2be spiking gel, my hawk is only four inches though. It's really easy to repair a damaged part of the hawk too, all you have to do is wet your finger tips and work into the messed up area. Realign that section and blow dry stiff...its a win xD
What about wax? I've been told by others that wax is good for hold, but not much mention on this thread? I was thinking of Fructis Shine Wax???? GH
my favorite product to use and the one i have had most sucess with is shockwaves ultimate effects hairspray it is in an orange can
I Dont believe you
Yup I agree with you there!
does anyone know if Got2BeGlued is available in Australia, Melbourne?
i have never seen it anywhere
What really works for me is Spiker and blast made by ice. Got2b glued dosent really do crap for me unless i use half a can even then its wimpy. I wanna try knox but how much water am i supposed to mix it with. The first time i tried i just ended up with a container of jello water....what am i doing wrong?
I saw spiker, is it any good? Also ice? Never heard of it.
I used spiker that shit sucks!!
wast of your money
Stick with got 2 b its so muck better


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