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I have been rocking the mohawk for almost a year strong now , and everywhere I go (no matter if its the local tavern, parties, or just on the street) a wide variety of people walk up to me out of the blue and say things like i love your hair . it suprises me because i live in a small town with little or no punkage rep(actually i think im the only one around sporting the hawk).... i was just wondering if you guys get the same thing >?

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I was in the city last night and as I passed a bunch of teenagers all I heard was a loud, surprised: 'Jeez-oh!' :D Made me grin.

I like positive comments, could do without the negative ones. Though I don't get that many of those usually, mostly nice ones from all sorts, not yet had any grannies compliment it though. :D
people call me usually hedgehog because of the libery spikes
nothing more
mostly they ask for pictures with their kiddies and family or themselves.

depends how i feel that day with cooperation.
i get loads of people who want to touch it, i live in a small village and i'm the only person in my college with a mohican :( and it's aprently stranger because i'm a girl. there are 2 types of people there :

1. they want to touch it (the 'hawk, lolz)love it when it springs back. but they have to ask before i let thwm touch it

2. they slag me off, calling me gay and asking where my gfriend is, just because i have short hair, doesn't mean i'm gay.

but i love the compliments, saying taht it looks beautiful, it's usually middle aged guys, the kind where you can tell that they used to be really cool punks back in the '70s :) weird but cool
i basically just get abuse lol escept from a few old ladies, the owner of my local shop thinks i do voodoo...
Besides the greatest of "how do you sleep at night?" I think the most out-outrageous comment was "Wut the HELL is THAT?!" from some creepy old guy. Another good reaction was when I was coming out of a small hallway, two maybe 16-year-old girls came running around while giggling about something else the first one froze when she saw me, and the other one slammed into her they then ran past me while whispering something starting with "Holy shit... guy..."
Usually old ladies tell me they love my hair, and I hear little kids telling
their parents that they want my hair, haha.
bet they are thrilled
Well there was this one time.....
I have been going to school in NE for 4 years now and have yet seen a mohawk in this town yet. Every day i walk to classes, i pass a daycare. the kids always stop and stare and point, its great. This summer when I went to Sturgis Bike Rally I got alot of compliments. Especially when we got of the bikes and my hair was still standing. I had 1 lady take a picture as they passed us. I get a lot, can i touch it, comments.
I wouldnt call my self punk but i have always wanted a mohawk and and glad i have it.
i had an old lay *about 75* squeeze my bum
n say i like ur hair
no idea hu she was i was sooo scared
so scared
pluss i was on ket at the time
but still woah


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