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hey i just kinda stumbled across this site and was wondering if anyone else is from canada

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I currently live in B.C, but im trying to get the fuck out.
N.s. here..
no shit...where in NS?

I lived there with my ex back in 2001...took a 52 hour bus trip from western NY to Meteghan which is 3 hours from Halifax. Small, rural fishing area. That is where she was from.

It was cool there and totally different for me seeing as how once we entered into Quebec, everything was in French first, english second...and I know very, very little French =) It was very awesome though despite the cold of January-April.

You anywhere near Halifax? I see more and more stuff starting to happen there with anarcho groups...slowly but surely.
i'm from winnipeg, mb.
Wow same! This might sound creepy but i think i may have seen you in a car downtown once..
I'm 30 minutes north of Canada.....
(I'm in the northern suburbs of Dteroit, and north of Windsor, ON.
I am hour from border, 2.5-3 hours from Toronto area in NY
lol where do you live....
I live in London Ontario.. yup come stalk me.
no your not


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