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hey i just kinda stumbled across this site and was wondering if anyone else is from canada

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Hey skudave last time I was in chiliwack I stopped to get some gas, and I was inside the car waiting for my sister to get out of the store, and this hobo guy walks up to the store.. i was watchin him for abit he goes up to the garbage cans and starts going threw them,, i see him take out an old doggy bag .. chew up the food. only to find its no good no more and spit it out.. ruined my apititite.. only memory i have from there just stopping for gas..
I WANNA GO TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no Torontonians here? that's just crazyness!

i'm from Mississauga Ontario.. close enough to Toronto.. i do the commute 5 days a week for work so it works.. trust me!!!

hahaha! :)

lol i live pretty much in brampton :D
Montreal gets all my love, I moved here 5 years ago for school and can't imagine living anywhere else. The girls all have awesome mowhawks, not a bro-hawk in sight.
yup, im by oshawa so im close enough to toronto to;)
No, not right, not right at all...........
Im from Ontario, Niagara Falls.... Dont think ive seen Another NF punk, Alot of posers tho, Emo kids and fauxhawkers.... SOMEONE MOVE HERE!!
hey i know the feeling vancouver punk that moved to an alberta hick town with little posers that think theyre hardcore leaching of their rich mommy and daddy

ya from Toronto Ontario
London ONT here....


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