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So im getting my first piercing tommorow. Im gonna get my medusa, because i like them.. so if anyone has piercings whatcha got.. hows that going for you.. searched and didn't find any threads on piercings.. so what up.

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I got my eyebrow done.. way back in the days when I had money.

A few monthes later I pierced my own ears with this big ass dull safety pin. Here's a picture. This was like.. 6 mothes ago I think.

my brother wanted hip piercings...
tongue x 2, ears 12mm tunnels, septum 5mm dont wear that often, nipples 5mm, navel, 8mm pa, reverse pa worn as barbell and an amphalang. had loads more but took m out over the years.
6g, cartilage, and two 12g
i was thinking about a lip piercing but with parkour its kinda dangerous
i have my tongue, smiley, 10ga cartilage and 2ga. tunnels in my earlobes. :) i think im going for either my septum or snakebites next... XD
14g eyebrow which will soon have at least five more, three on each side, both lobes are 10g, industrial on the right ear and labret is 12g. Soon to experiment with micro dermals
awesome =]
ilovepiercings i have a few
11 to be exzact but atm i only have 7 of them in =D
how is that a few?
its a few times a few :P
My girlfriend has a double medusa, as in two on both sides of her mouth (as oposed to two close together). Which is pretty rare.
I watched her have it done and I could see it hurt. The piercist had to go really slow to avoid the nerves either side of her mouth which made it more painful, added to that is the fact that its thinner tissue and has a higher nerve ending to flesh ratio.

I myself have 10 pretty standard piercings;
both ear lobes x 3 the first right one of which is stretched to 14mm
cartlidge of left ear
nose (left)
eyebrow x 2
I really love clavicle piercings and went in to have mine doen but was told that i have too many veins there :(
I'd like to go for more facial piercings but I cant as I'm planning to join the police force (the ones i have will have to go or I'll have to put retainers in them)

My girlfriend however is planning to train as a tattooo artist when she finishes her art BTEC and so can afford to go for more extreme piercings/ones that cant be hidden or retained, and in addition to her double medusa she has
nape x 2 (going for a third soon)
both ear lobes x 3 both lower ones are stretched to 14mm and second set currently at about 3mm
cartlidge of left ear
reverse vertical labret on her lower lip (central)

I reallty want cheek piercings too, but again it wouldnt be a good idea for me :(


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