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I ask this because at times when I have it down, some people say it looks like I have a mullet. I personally don't like mullets. Anyone have any suggestions?

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1 - Mullets are awesome =)

2 - I just wear it out or rock a hat, I most often go with the hat though.
1 - Mullets are awesome =)
no, mullets are bogan and
i usually just let it go. i was dubbed my little pony by coworkers and friends, but it's kinda fun to just play along. and once i used some kind of hair putty type shit but no spray or anything that would harden it. looked pretty good cuz it was chunky and spikey, but it was all layin down. like i just walked out of the rain or something. wish i had a pic..... oh well. that's my 2 cents
I get called a my little pony very often as well by people that know me, especially since I dye my hair in bright colours XD.
I either pull the top back with an elastic band or brush it to one side.
I mentioned somewhere on here that a good variation to the pony tail, is more of a sumo wrap. Basically, pony the top half, pony the bottom half, then pony them together wrapping the ball left behind up and underneath the bridge.

Its pretty tight, a little more somoan monster, which is closer to the 'hawk personality than creepy nerd or my little pony.

Of course, that being said, if I'm lazy, I pony up. At 7' and 320lbs I don't get much grief.
I'm having a hard time visualizing this. Anyone got a pic so I can see? Thanks!
Cool thanks guys I might try the sumo thing, I mean some think I'm samoan anyway.
HAHA! i get my little pony constantly! its so funny that so many people worldwide have no imagination!
haha i noe every1 i noe calls me the same
no1 has yet to think of anything better when its down
I hate how it looks when its down so I sometimes wear a hat
i have a bajillion ways i style my hair when its down.. none of which would end up helping you cause they are all rather girly :P


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