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I ask this because at times when I have it down, some people say it looks like I have a mullet. I personally don't like mullets. Anyone have any suggestions?

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But I'd be interested in hearing about them! ;)
Yay!!! Thank you! :)
oh god, i first tried combing it to the side and it looked emo, so then i tried parting down the middle and it looked super lame, now i just put some gel in and comb it back. it looks lame, and i work in a fancy office so i get funny looks, but fuck em. I have a hawk cuz i want it for me, not to fit in to your typical corporate ranks (blech)!
I part it in the middle or brush it to the side. I like brushing to the side more though. I think it's artsy. Someone said I look like my face is half male, half female.
i put mine back into a topknot i think its called
haha i just play along with the pony comment,
ill gallop and neigh hahaha

thats my nickname when its down.
i wanna go to a petting zoo with it down and chill in the stables.
free carrots and sugarcubes!
dont forget the salt licks!
I did not know hawks went down :) mine stays up permenant ;)
i usually have the top part tied back in a pony tail. or i'll part it at an angle down the middle-ish. or flip it over. or i do this thing with a hair band and backcombing the back. mines a deathhawk though so its a bit wider, and you usally can't tell i have a hawk when its parted down the middle unless theres some wind outside. blah, blah, blah.
try a danzig devil lock
I either throw a baseball cap on backwards or I put hair grease in and slick it back.


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