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When I was buying hair glue the other day I saw a wee little canister of this stuff called pomade. I guess your suppose to style your hair with it. I was just wondering how it compairs to other products, more specifically, how does it work with thick hair. Even with Got2b glue its a bitch to spike my hair. Ive got to rub it in my hair, partiallly dry it so its all tacky, style it, then completly dry it. Then I blast it with freeze spray. Just wonderin if pomade would work better, because I believe it has the consistency of wax. And I guess I didnt catch the price either if anyone happens to know

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use the freeze spray first then the gel, don't use pomade its crap use the strogest wax you can but its heavy and not practical.
pomade is generaly for the greaser hairstyle.....i mean, my grampa always used it in his pompadore
pomade is not made to spike your hair, like emerika said, its used to grease up/slick back your hair and hold it like that. it feels gross and its a bitch to wash out! stay away!!
Ditto on pomade being hard to wash out. Its definitely not a mohawking product. Think John Travolta in Grease.
lol, alright thnx for the advice. I figured it wouldnt be suitable, but I figured id ask to see if anyone figured out a method with it =]
Never hurts to ask. who knows someday someone might. Could be something crazy like mixing lemon juice and eggplant into it.


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