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everyone just post your myspace in here xD

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lol, didn't see this one. wow.
i'll just copy what another good patron said, it's exactly how i feel tae so
..."I really do not like myspace and more so its culture. All I ask is that do not add me unless you intend to communicate through it about such things that are listed on it and sustain a friendship..." couldna said it better myself
i'm not afraid tae delete people
i find it entertaining
i have lotsa local networking sites for bands, so if ye have one ye should take a look
Seems sensible sentiments.

This site is my 'MySpace', I gave up using the other sites 'cause they don't offer much I care for and I prefer focusing on one site over spreading myself thin across many. I guess I could use cross-posting tools, but I don't add folk I don't know a little and MySpace doesn't really offer any good ways to know people first before adding - last I checked.

Oh, last thing, I noticed now that this site now offers to link your account to Facebook. I wonder if it links your profile content too?


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