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How about we do a slide show of all the current members?

Everyone could post one photo that they want included to this discussion and include an idea for a music soundtrack for the slideshow. I'd volunteer to do the editing. What do you think?

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Well, Ive got a program called proshow gold that I could use, if we really wanted to do it. Also, we could vote for a good soundtrack. It would likely take a few songs considering all the members we have...
yeah that is a great idea, maybe we could change the track weekly and have a weekly vote or something
Alright, well, if you wanted, I could start making it. I would say if you wanted to be on it, you should post a link of the picture you want to use on slideshow on this thread. Also, we need a soundtrack.

the idea is great guys that would be really awsome to do and maybe like some punk music like fugazi or sham 69 for soundtrack its up to you guys
Alright, we r in buisness =] Do you think I should include the username of the member on each picture?
yeah that would be pretty cool it make it look more professional
I like this idea =) I will get a picture someday. The member names would also be good I think too. Soundtrack as mentioned would probably need to be a few songs that could be rotated or debated on until consensus is reached.
I think this sounds like an awesome plan. I'm featuring this discussion so more people will find it.

I agree that probably a punk rock song would be more appropiate, but I've also considered doing something with "The Mohawk Song", especially since they didn't include enough great mohawks in the video, especially during the chorus line where they say "We Love You For Your Mohawk".

Wonder if we have anyone on here that could cover it in punk style?

One way you could maybe coallate the pictures together would be to create an album. You can go through and select the pictures you want, then choose the slideshow option. Unfortunately, there isn't a collaborative tool so that more than one member can edit a photo album yet.

Even then you'd still have to use a video capture tool like captivate to capture the screen and then feed in the music. I'm sure there are some good ways to do this and will be interested to see what comes of the project.
well i know some people that may be able to do this cover thing, but they may do a metal version lol, ill try to find someone that can do a punk one
Alright. Im downloading all of the pictures that are posted on this thread onto my laptop. I will start throwing the show together once we get some more pics posted. What do you think is a suitable time for each slide???
im not so sure about the exploited, the lead singer used to be a nazi skin so being an anarchist myself.....
Check the lyrics for "Forty Odd Years Ago", off of Horror Epics

"Mussolini was a fascist pig.
Hitler was no better.
Tojo was an imperialistic nip,
but Stalin managed to go one better.
40 odd years ago, 40 odd years ago,
before you and I were born."

Not very Nazi-sounding to me, in fact it's rather anti-fascist.

EDTI: Whoah, I didn't realize how old this post was.


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