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I just want to see if any of my fellow hawk lovers and rockers can answer this... My question is simple. What exactly is so great about touching another persons hawk? I mean really.. I can't go 24 hours without someone asking if they can touch my hawk. And another one is people constantly ask what i use to hold it up. I mean what do they care? why don't they just grow their own hawk so that they can touch it whenever they want and they will also find out what is the best thing to hold it up.. right?

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It's like with anything else that's different or bold - it attracts a mystique about it. People wanna know more about the mechanics of it without ever going so far as to embrace it for themselves. There's a weird thrill for a conformist to get close to a non-conformist, even if they never actually cross that line themselves. And of course, once they're close they've just gotta ask...

You can draw a nice parallel with when the gay scene exploded a couple of decades ago and straight people would go to gay clubs not to enjoy a night out but to see queers enjoying a night out. For that matter it's almost the same mentality that makes a lot of people feel like it's perfectly acceptable to approach a transexual in the street and ask them what type of genitalia they have when there's no way in hell you'd say that to somebody who wasn't trans.
Okay, I don't mind non-hawkers touching my hawk, cos it feels nice when they squish it, and it bounces back. Besides, it makes me smille when I see it in a mirror. And I admit I'm one for asking people what they use to keep theirs up because I've not had mine long, and I'm still experimenting with mine.
I still haven't discovered the secret to a waterproof 'hawk though!
it isn't really waterproof but if done right beeswax works great. I explain this a little more in the *How do you keep your hawk up?* thread.. but really this stuff is just that.. it's wax.. and i have had my hawk get drenched in the rain and still stay up. As long as there is no real pressure applied to the hawk then it will stay up for as long as you want it to.
its hair defying gravity, if i didnt have one i would wanna touch other peoples too! haha
cos most people dont all the balls to grow their own thas y com on most people that i no just wanna fit in nd not stand out
lol that's a good one.. i wish that i was still in school so that i could say that.. but i guess the same would go for walking around walmart or something like that lol.
...I feel crap, cos I've given up 3 weeks in Florida to look after my dog rather than have him put in a kennel. I miss Wal-Mart.
friends are more important then a vacation..
I try to vacation with my schnauzers. They like going for rides.
Pretty smart dogs. too. They recognize the route to the vet (they get a bit anxious). They recognize the route to groomer (they like that one... I attribute it to the fact they are both female and they enjoy catching up on doggy gossip). They know the route to the kennel (I think they like catching up on doggy gossip there, too).
They don't like toll booths and construction zones.
And yes, they are very spoiled girls..... :).
thats cute ^.^ my chihuahua knows when were going to grannys house haha.. when we get close she starts getting excited and wiggley cause she knows shes gonna see her little boyfriend
Until I tried it out, I was always fascinated with mohawks...I wondered how they could stand up like that, how fragile are they, all that jazz. It's still impressive to me how resilient a well-done 'hawk can be, honestly. So I can totally understand people's curiosity about the mechanics of it.

I don't mind people touching it, I like the attention (kinda the point, isn't it?) and I prefer curiosity to hostility, revulsion and ridicule.
Awwww. Rebel's only 7 months old and cries whenever he's not with me or my mum.
And the joy of living in England is that anywhere I'd like to go on holiday, I can't take the dog.


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