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Mohawks And Dating (or perhaps "The Mohawk Mating Call")

Hey gang!

Just wondering people's experiences or thoughts as they relate to mohawks and dating/relationships... Some possible questions to mull over for this thread:

* If you're dating someone, do they have a mohawk as well? What do they think of yours? Was a mohawk at all influential in meeting the person you are with?
* If you're single, do you find a mohawk to be something very attractive in others? If you're rocking a 'hawk now, is it something you'd hope someone else would find extremely attractive about YOU?
* Any fun or interesting experiences you've had regarding dating and mohawks?

As for my own replies to the above, I'm currently single and currently rocking a ~7" fan which I'm hoping to keep growing out. I have to admit that (on the right person) I find a mohawk amazingly damn sexy, and it's definitely something I'd be likely to go up to said person and start a conversation about to break the ice.

Besides simply enjoying the fun that is rocking my own hawk, I admit that I hope it's something someone else would find attractive about me - or at very least something visually unique that singles me out as someone interesting. (Makes it harder to get lost in the crowd as it were, and also tends to help filter out the judgmental idiots you'd not want to talk to anyway, let alone ever consider hitting on!)

Personally, I think that while the criteria you date someone on should surely be a lot deeper than simple outward appearances, I think there's nothing wrong with a screaming uniqueness to help attract the attention of other cool, open-minded people! :D

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I'm a single female, rocking a 4.5" fan, growing it out to about 6".
In my opinion, a mohawk on the right guy is incredibly attractive, and definitely a plus point.
Having said that, a hairstyle isn't the be all and end all of a relationship.
I've met plenty of nice guys with different, and more boring hair.

Still, as a matter of principle I won't give up my mohawk for any man.
It's a part of me, therefore my man should love it.

'Nuff said.
my ex used to talk constantly about how someday id have to let my hawk go and grow it out and look normal. i told him he was out of his god damn mind and broke up with him eventually (obviously). my other ex used to stand behind me with his arms around me alot when i had my bihawk.. so just to be a pain in the ass i was constantly shaking my head at nothing just to hit him the face with my hair haha. surprising he didnt dump me, eh? XD

my boyfriend now has a hawk too. he got it awhile after we started going out so it had nothing to do with us meeting.. unless thats the reason he started liking me? haha

anyway, mohawks, bihawks, trihawks, libs, etc are all heaps sexy.

This is me and my boyfriend who im deeply in love with right now.I had always wanted a mohawk and when i met him and eventually we started dating,he already had one and i decided why the fuck not? so yes mohawks are a HUGE turn on and i dont think i would honestly date a guy with normal hair.
Aren't you lesbian now?
I'm a single female rocking a 6" fan. I don't make a point of looking for any particular hairstyle on a woman but if a hot girl came along with a wicked 'hawk then I would find that very sexy. Shaven heads on girls definitely do it for me.

Generally I find the 'hawk to be an excellent dickhead-filter.
I only got my mohawk done today so my girlfriend hasn't even seen it yet lol
Good luck xD
It sounds like you certainly love the mohawk thing (like the rest of us!) and that's an important part of exploring who you are - kudos to not backing down! Believe me, there are certainly MANY people out there who will love you for all aspects of who you are - hairstyle included!! Sounds like you really deserve someone better!

Good luck and keep your chin up! Be who you are! With the mohawk at college I'm sure you'll have plenty of people who notice you! :D
I recently have met three nice guys all interested in me and my 'hawk.

I think that says it all, don't you?
im single, there isnt anyone in my local area that isnt a slag, slurry or just not my type lol
Well Ive been rocking the hawk for about two years and all the girls that Ive been with in that time say that its something that they liked about me. Im single now but I have someone thats interested and she wants to help me trim it and is also helping me decide on what color to dye it so it seems like the mohawk is working for me in attracting the females.

And its definitely a good way to have the ice broken cause Im kinda shy so its a good conversation starter.

As for females with mohawks....the fact that theyre so comfortable with themselves taht they are willing to throw themselves outside the social norm makes them extremely attractive to me...I tend to go for the girls that are unique in some way so a girl with a mohawk would totally be a jackpot with me! ^^


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