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So i just recently shaved my hair into a mohawk,i had it as kind of a fauxhawk i guess you could say,before.i fanned it and everything though.

How long have you had yours?
and how long do you plan on keeping it?

i dont know about you but im going to rock this till im at least 25

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I’ve had 3 Mohawks all 6in or more the past 4 years thank god for fast growing hair
almost a year now
Been growing mine out (finally 7"!) for the past year - officially rocking now for about 4 months, planning to keep mine for the foreseeable future. It's become something of a trademark for me, which I love.
i've had mine for about a year 1/2 to two years now. originally my friend gave me an undercut, he loved his and there was a mix up in communication of what i wanted. so that part at the back has finally grown out so my hawk is a bit more even. XD
This is my third mohawk, took me about 2 years to grow.
I will keep it as long as it last!
Had mine on and off for the past... four years maybe? It all started with shaving my head. haha. After it was all gone I was like, what the hell, why not? And I loved it.
I got mine when I went to college, so about 9 years ago. have been rocking ever since!
34 years on and off , first when I was 13 and had just been kicked out of my first school , I'm 47 now and will die with my hawk .


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