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opinions on fauxhawks?

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Thats too bad, my moms all for it. She helped me shave the back. And before that, she dyed my hair green, and then blue.

She doesn't care, says its just hair and will grow back.
I wish other parents were as accepting as mine ;)
hahaha what'd she say when you came home??
I hate them too. When they're like 5 or more inches tall it really pisses me off cuz it just dosen't look right. Thats only time I would ever enjoy/want to cut off a mohawk(ahem..excuse me.. cockhawk,hahaha)
on the subway, I've seen flashes like from a camera, but when I turn back, I don't see anybody with a camera, and I'm guessing its me they were taking a pic of. It happened several times, I wouldn't mind taking a picture with them... unless they assess.
Ugh, definately. They're processed, regurgitated, hollywood version of a mohawk. I think I saw that Brad Pitt had one...way to be TV friendly, asshole.
I'm ok with faux hawks as long as the person does it right.
Let them have their fauxhawks....i agree that they look disgusting, and i have no respect for people who wear them.

But if all those same people had mohawks, it really would take a little bit of the enjoyment out of it for us that already have a real one.

Like they said about punk rock. The only way the music industry was able to hurt punk rock, was to make it mainstream.....or it went something like that lol
I also see sense in what your saying but Im in an area full of wiggers and thats about it so my mohawk makes me stand out but totally isolates me at the same time so if a couple who half ass it went all the way it would at least give me someone to stand next to when giving the world the it stands now i dont really have much influence but at least they leave me alone...probley scared ill start a riot or something lol
lol i see what you mean man but see that's were tools get it wrong punks can be totally normal looking people its a mind set not a fashion statement like i said below i have a Mohawk cause it sticks out from normal people and i also hate it when people call me cool gets on my nerves real quick
i agree with jackie it really is just hair it does look like shit but sooo do a lot of hair styles n theres no discussions on them
im so glad we got on this topic
i cant stand the the fauxhawk
i mean yeah do what you want, but when every freaking tool wears them
they suck
cant stand them at all.
have my babies?


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