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opinions on fauxhawks?

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To me, fauxhawks show a lack of commitment, weekend dabblers in "edginess", the recuperation of what once was genuinely disturbing and is now merely "cute". You can just comb it right out and look totally normal the next day. There's no going back from a real 'hawk. You can't just wake up one day and decide to do your hair normal. There is no half-assing a mohawk. Either do it right, or don't fucking do it at all.

It's a (theoretically) free country, people can look like idiots if they want to. God knows I do. But at least I'm an idiot with a sense of commitment. Fauxhawks are just sad.
I totally agree. I kinda started a little mohawk fad at the highschool i went to last year. it went from just me having one to a couple others actually rockin the hawk and i was proud...then all these fucking poser preps started the fauxhawks and i actually felt me they just show that the person is a sheep...totally ruled my society in what they think and do. so i totally agree, either do it right or dont fucking do it at all!
kevin, no fauxhawks aren't gay, I'm gay. gay is not equal to stupid, thanks.

But yes, the fauxhawks are just a sign that some kid wants something but not bad enough to commit.

Hawks are a like a good relationship, they take dedication and hard work. You have to be badass enough to take the clippers to the sides of your head... and a fauxhawk says, "No, I'm not badass, but I wish I was!"
My opinion, I think they can sorta be okay. Like the fauxhawks that are on the border of being a mowhawk are sometimes alright, but the preppy ones I see at my school=ick.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, been waiting ages for someone to point this out, thankyou!
haha, yes. fucking yes.
Well the only reason fauxhawks are becoming a fad, is because Movie stars and famous sports stars are getting them.. so yeh I hate them for that reason and I only see preppy's at school with them..

People in my school don't know the difference between a Mohawk and a fauxhawk..
Mostly because they've never seen a real mohawk untill now..

It does get a lot of attention though =p

But whats with Preppy girls coming up to me askin' to touch my hair, and when I say no they get a flick of it behind my back.. God I HATE that..
And it's not like you can punch em' cause your a dude..
actually i see it as sexist to not hit girls because they are girls, but you shouldnt because its rude lol and because most of these preppy girls nowadays would just crumble lol
i can punch them,and i do cus im a chick
but have you ever had some ignorent person snap a picture of you without asking?
cus i see it and i go off on them cus thats illegal and rude
i was going to get a faux hawk once, but that was only because my mom wouldn't let me get a real one. but then i never ended up getting one.
my mom wouldnt let me get mine so i walked to the place and slapped the cash on the counter and said "I want a mohawk."
with a big ol goofy smile on my face.
then hungout with my boyfriend and some friends and went home
lol kinda smae with me, mom said no so i went to my buddies house and got smashed and came home with a bright green mohawk and thats how it started and it seemed like she just didnt want to do it herslef cause she didnt care at all about it after i got it and even helped me spike it the next day ^^


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