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opinions on fauxhawks?

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hey yeah, fuck judgmental and sexually repressive language in the ear.
Personally I don't see a huge problem.. It's just a hairstyle. And I don't want to shave my sides down to the bare skin, so does that make it a fauxhawk? I think I look bad with shaved sides. When I get my hawk the sides will be like.. 1- 1 and 1/2 inches long. The mohawk will be like.. 6 or 7 or 8, but still.. I don't understand what the problem is.

I mean, I CAN'T get a shaved hawk. My dad is a politician and we go to a lot of big political functions and if I have a shaved big ass hawk then he'll lose votes and will be out of a job.

I just think it's kinda hypocritical because the people who were sticking up for scene kids are now bashing a hair style. You shouldn't hate on anything or anyone.

Does me not wanting and not getting a shaved hawk make me a poser? Because I thought a hairstyle didn't dictate anything.
fauxhawks should one day become a mohican, it's like a baby one ready to become fully fledged, with the shaved sides, as long as the sides are shorter, because that's what a mohican is *mohawk for the non-british people*

people claiming that fauxhawks are better then mohicans need a bit of education about style, mohicans can slice and dice *mwahahahahaha* fauxhawks are for younger people not ready for full comitment.

ya'know what i really hate, johnny urines hair style, i'm confused about that but hey...........

ericka, my heart goes out to you about your dad being a politician and that, part of that is a beautiful irony. but people shouldn't look at you and not vote for him, they should vote for his ideals and stuff. people need education that hair doesn't make a person or their family

anway....peace and love
He's a registered conservative, so the people that will vote for him look down upon everything that isn't about Jesus.

And I don't mind him being a politician. He's not one of the douchebags. He's a small time one anyways, doesn't wear a suit to work. Comes home and puts on ripped up old jeans and a t-shirt, mixes cocktails, cooks like a madman, and drinks with me and my mom while watching some weird ass cult movie.
lol wierd ass cult movie......
I like fauxhawks. I use to having my hair cut in a f-hawk style. I loved it! I acutally have to agree with many of the comments I see, I did want a mohawk but...1. My mother didnt approve and 2. I wasnt ready to cut alot of my hair off. Sooo...What else could i do..have a f-hawk.
I once had a faux hawk. At the time I was working in a Dementia unit as a nurses aide, and having a shaved head just was not acceptable. In other words, I was a slave to my job and had to abide by their rules. I suppose you could say that some (and I'm not making a generalization for everyone) people with faux hawks are slaves to "the man", and working for the man means fitting inside of their tiny box of social acceptability. Although I can empathize with people who have faux hawks, I still think that those of us who have "the real thing" are the type of people who will stand up for what we believe in and will be who we want to be without the fear of being alienated or thrown to the outskirts of the social structure. Now that, my friends, is beautiful.

For those of you who have the gift of empathy, good for you, keep giving people the benefit of the doubt.
i dont like poser fucks with them,like little kids that are into mainstream bands.
its not hardcore and makes me mad.
be who you want ot be an all that shit,but its just not something i respect.
i have a sore throat
yes!!!!! big time posers!!! i was the only 1 at my school with 1 and now theres like 15 of those faggit ass poser hawks walkin around .its bullshit i usally yell out faggit when i see 1.!

not even to say that they look sooo horrible
yea, thats exactly what happened over here, I was sportin a bright red 4 inch 'hawk, and all the sudden everyone wants to say the have a "Mohawk", but they're just posin'.
I think they r ment fer gay guys


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