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I suppose punkrock is a obvious answer, but in addition to that?
Or mayby any special band?

My favourite genres is death metal, grindcore/goregrind and what we in sweden call "käng" (d-beat/hardcorepunk).

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Love almost all music
exept emo screamo bullshit
hardcore punk rock
horrorcore punk rock

the three best genres ever made
Hardcore stuff, ya know. double bass drum, deep guitar, bree-screams, and of course the fucked up lyrics

white chapel, job for a cowboy, mortal treason, etc...

if u look up "prostatic fluid asphyxiation" for the band "white chapel". its an awesome song.
I into almost all music but my favorite music is punk and Ska
i think im the only person on this site thats not into metal and stupid screaming...
i never understood everyones obsession with that music....
its just dumb.
maybe its just because im a mellow person?
i like instrumental and accoustic.
but i also enjoy good punk bands such as distillers,and veruca salt.
and evanescence.shes not punk but i LOVE her voice.
You didn't read the earlier threads. Some of us are also into classical and jazz.....
agree with Bobs comment =) I love equally screaming music and A LOT of mellow stuff and in fact create a lot of ambient and drone music in my own projects =)

I love drone, ambient, folk at times, some new age, instrumental post rock, some classical and so on
I like your tastes in music....
I think that by looking at my screen name that its fairly obvious that I'm into horrorcore. Tons and tons of horrorcore and this is all thanks to my homie Spencer. I also listen to metal and punk. I can't fucking stand mainstream rap and I fucking HATE country.

I'm sorry, but I feel as if I have to throw this in...FUCK SOULJA BOY
I hate metal.

I hate all those hardcore grindcore corecore emocore fuckyourselfintheeyeballwitharustypolecore bands that everyone these days is all about...

My favorite genre over all would have to be ska.

All things punk, acoustic, some folk, some reggae and of course classic rock.
there is nothing wrong with a little grindcore....
if you like grindcore you should check out CockUpShittingWhore (all one word if you look it up on myspace) and Passenger Of Shit (also all one word if you look it up on myspace)


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