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And do they have mohawks too? :D
Anyway, my two roommates and I have (between us) 8 kittens (6 are fosters), 3 rabbits, and one hamster. Kittens and buns will show up in photos of me here and there. :)

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I love rescues!! All of my buns are rescues. It's such a great thing to do.
i have fish and a dog (kelpie cross border collie) and i did have some other pets but they died lol
i used to volunteer with a local rescue called zaras list every chance i got until i found out the bitch that ran it was taking the money from the animals (she claimed it to be non-profit), she was abusing animals, she was euthinising dogs just because she wanted to keep the money we brought in instead of having it go to medical bills like it was spose to, etc etc etc...

it still makes me sick to me stomach to think i helped that heartless cunt do the things she did and the other good hearted people she took advantage of.

moral of the story: do as much research as you can before supporting ANY type of rescue/breeder/shelter/etc!!! you never know what their true intentions are :(
I have three dogs, and a a beta fish who is purple and redish pink.
two of the dogs are big english shepherd huskie mixes(Belladonna and Taj Ra),and the little old lady is my daschund(Raven Teira).
none of them have the right type of hair to mohawk, but their names all have a meaning:)
Taj Ra= crown of the sun
Raven Teira= black arrow.
i used to have a couple of cats but they decided that they were getting the fuck out of here when we got bella as a puppy.
My two schnauzers are named after German steam locomotives from the 1870s (I have a large German HO scale model railroad layout). The Germans named their steam locomotives back then.
I have an all white Siberian Husky named Zephyr and two kittens that my bf and I bred from our two other cats that we had to give away once we moved but we kept the kittens...Gizmo and Gremlin. Then we had 2 rats named Jables and Kage (Tenacious D) but Jables got a tumor on his spine and ended up dying, so now we just have Kage. None of them have 'hawks though.
Two terrier-mutts that I got from a local rescue. One is old (now, he was young when we got him) and smaller then a cat, and the other is young (about 2 now) and she is medium-sized. Both are gray, and they have the best personalities. No mohawks, but I've dyed the younger one's (Nin's) hair green before.
2 Ferrets; Smokey and The Bandit :3
2 dogs
4 cats
a gunnie pig
a bunny
3 common boa snakes, 2 baby royal pythons, 7 bearded dragons, 2 iguana's, 8 or 9 yemen cameleon's, 12 rats, 3 mice, 2 hamsters, 4 puppies, and 2 cats
added a new dog to the mix.,

3 dogs
4 cats
a ginnie pig
a rabbit

2 Cats.
And a few goldfish and weather loaches in a fish pond, which attracts lots of frogs.

Ocassionally I will also have a turtle for a temporary time - sometimes I find them on road, I usually send them back towards the body of water that they crawled out of, but sometimes there's just no water nearby and I'm just like "Where the fuck did you come from?" so I just snatch em up and keep them hostage a few weeks before releasing them.
One time I found a hatchling snapper in a skatepark. I was just like "Pleased to meet you Mr. baby snapping turtle, but what are you doing here? This is a skatepark. You don't belong here. You can't even ride a skateboard."


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