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if you have a headrest and your mohawk is spiked up how do you lean back in a way that your mohawk doesn't get squished

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i use a flexible hairspray.. i can lay on my hawk for a few hours normally and it will just spring back in place when i get up
What is a 'flexible hairspray'? Inquiring minds want to know.... (Sorry, I'm tired and my humor tends to get wierder than usual when I'm tired).
hairspray...thats flexible! :o haha
bed head hard head hairspray is the god of all hairsprays ;)
I don't lean back....
get a backfan lol
i use either the got 2 be glued freeze spray, or rave x4 spray...and i can fold it up to lean back in a chair and it will spring back (up to resting on it like that for 15-20 minutes) if it's longer than 30 minutes max, well..not much you can do but to carry hairspray/blowdryer with you lol.

I've found that water helps at least a little for some touch ups...damp your hands and use them in a clamping, straightening motion up your hawks' length.


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