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how do you do it
why do you do it
how do you do it
does it work
how do you do it

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All excellent questions! I don't know how this works I'm afraid but I'm very keen to find out.
How do you do it:
Just like combing your hair, but in the other direction.
Why do you do it:
Because you like the way it looks.
Does it work:
Depends on what kind of look you want to achieve, but yes.
i thought it was a way to put your hawk up easier?
Yes, it is easier, but it looks different because it gets tangled. But it can look realy awesome.
It's all about personal preference. I've used backcombing in the past, but I like fanning it out in a normal way more.
backcombing puts knots in your hair and tangles it which makes it thicker, the thicker your hair is the easier it is to fan without gaps..some people swear by it, some cant pull it off.

personally, ive never had to do it.. it doesnt work well for me when i fan my hawk but i used to backcomb it all the time when i would style my bihawk whenever i wore it down haha
i love backcombing my hair to create my deathhawk. but it hurts to wash it out. lol. i cry whenever i have to. i find it easier to wash it out when i fan it or spike it. but with the backcombing it just hurts to wash out because it tangles it. but i love the way it looks,

oh my god it took me like five minutes to type this out withought any mistakes. just got home from the bar. trashed. friends 18th b-day,. i love deathhaeks, abd gin an lime juice. XD
ah going from top to bottom kills your hair, and makes huge knots... i'd go from either mid-way or bottom 1/3 of the hawk. granted you'll have knots anyways, but it makes it a little easier on your hair
i have thick curly fucking hair and when i don't wanna straighten it or if it just won't cooperate i back comb it, it takes about half an inch off of my hawk but it only takes seconds to put up. it also give my hawk a different look than a normal fan or spikes.
That how i did my hawk which is in my photo. It only looks good i reckon when its pretty long. You just gota hairspray it to the max to the wind dont throw it about


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