Mohawks Rock

a mate pointed out to me the dangers of a mohawk.
it is difficult to wear a hat and if you do you look like a knob
and short of wearing sunscreen 24/7 is a mohawk a danger to skin cancer?

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Yeah, cop shades are cool. So are some of the uniforms and boots - especially the ones worn by motorcycle cops.
i like boots..........
boots are good...
mmmmmmmmm booooots aarghlargghhh.........
boots all the time....all i wear....I need a new pair so if anyone can donate ;) I am currently duck-taping mien together haha....pretty awesome in a way but it is getting cold here in WNY and my feet are exposed to the air so....that aint gonna fly haha
i like docs but i wear firefighting boots and army boots usually
Wal-Mart has shitty boots. Soft rubber soles that wear out really fast considering I wear them all the time and walk most places/a lot/far. The only place I can get sufficient ones in my town is the surplus store but they have it laid out that it would be extremely hard to steal a pair....they don't like me much there already so that makes it tough
heh heh Gotta agree on the boots - got some DM's myself. But they're still new so squeak and creak - which I like anyway. Probably would drive folk crazy though if I went in a library. :D
I'm almost embarrased to admit this, but I've had a thing for boots for decades. I have about 30 pairs of Docs, some Rangers (great boots), a few pairs of cowboy boots, some motorcycle racing boots, and a pair of 17" Wesco harness boots.
I admit I have a bit of a boot fetish......
I only have one pair of dress shoes, one pair of tennis shoes, and one pair of slippers.
Needless to say, my footwear of choice are boots.
boots are sexy as hell, i dont blame you!
i have a pair of 20 eye gripfasts *love* wish i could afford more! but i also have an addiction to buying heels >.>
*sigh* makes me wanna dig out my pictures of them haha
sun brun on the head hurts, but i dont htink your at too much of a risk for cancer. well no more than usual


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