Mohawks Rock

Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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My mohawk was sort of a happy accident, tried giving myself steps one day and ended up butchering the side of my head. I just said fuck it and let my friend hawkify me. Regardless of whether or not guys on this site think mohawks are attractive on girls (and the general consensus seems to be that they are indeed sexy and attractive), I've DEFINITELY been flirted with like at least 60% more since I've had it. Guys have called out to me on the street and asked me to marry them, that never really happened before.
Of course there will always be some guys that are going to think it's gross and automatically assume you're a dyke, but those guys aren't for you anyways.
Besides, if you decide not to go for it, it'll always be in the back of your head. In general, do what you feel and don't trip out too much about it. It's just hair.
I think you should get one fo sho
girls with mohawks = hot
i luv them i think its sexy on a girl! tht wud defo encourage me 2 get 1!
1. I had really long hair (really long) and I cut it off for Locks of Love. I had actually considered a hawk previously, but I just couldn' I was inspired and just told the lady in the barbershop to buzz it.

2. I just leave it to one side. I've been told it looks cute. If you have thick hair, you can also quickly put up a deathhawk.

3. They vary. Some have told me I have more balls then they ever will. Others have just stopped and stared. Some have come up and tried hitting on me. All my male-friends find it amazing. Most reactions I would say are pretty positive.
just stays down and chicks with hawks are fucking sexy as all hell
just think about this:
if all else failed and everyone at home hated you,
youd still have us until it grew back (and even still), even if it means we're your only friends
...whiskey tango foxtrot?
hahahahahahaha (hotel alpha, hotel alpha, hotel alpha...)

Sorry, your comment reminded me of day of defeat =/

On topic...

There aren't enough girls with mohawks, there will never be enough.
1) I wanted once since I was little, but always thought it was a guys-only kinda thing. One I moved into an appartment with my boyfriend, I mentioned it. He seemed more excited than me.

2) At first I just combed the top forward and the back down, but now it's too long and would look like an emo kid, so I have the top combed to the side. Everyone says it looks good when it's down, and my boyfriend said I look cute like that, but I look damn hot when it's up.

3) If you couldn't tell from #1&2, my boyfriend loves my hawk. Whenever any guy has said anything to me, to him, or to someone else and I've overheard, they've thought it was awesome to see a girl with a hawk. I've even been asked if they can take a picture, because "girls with mohawks are so fucking awesome!". I've even overheard girls whispering to eachother "her hair looks so cool".
But DO NOT get a mohawk just because you want people to like your hair, get it because it's what YOU want. And keep in mind, if you live in a more conservative area, you won't get as good of feedback. Yay for liberal NY.
for me i love/hate my hawk...i feel ugly somedays and great the next day


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