Mohawks Rock

Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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i grew up in a hick town, moved outta that one and into another hick town...this one more inbred and creepy than the last, but i still get comments on it and a little sexy talk fromm the fellas lol, truth is people love it more than they want to admit on a regular basis
1). Just do it. If you don't like it it will allways grow back.
2) I usually flip it over to one side, put it in a ponytail, braid it, use bobby pins or wear a cap/hat.
3) some hate it, some love and some think it's really sexy =D. I mostly get positive reactions.
1) i wasnt sure either. but i couldnt stand having hair anymore so my friend just shaved it. i love the outcome. at times i miss my hair but its so easy to take care of and if you have a pretty face i think mohawks are fuckin hott on chicks.
2)i just clipped it up or straightened it to the side.
3) i got some bad reactions but more good ones. my boyfriend loves it and at times i hear guys saying "that chicks hair is fucking sick" or "she looks hott with a mohawk"

haha just go for it
Yo.. I know how you feel.
But it's not so much that I don't want to do it or have reservations, my parents are psychos man. They told me that people with crazy hair go straight to hell. And that I'm going there anyways, but whatever, it's warm haha.
Just do it, your hair will grow back.
My boyfriends loves my hair long, but he just chopped his hawk off and I feel lonely not having one in my life right now. =[
I totally want to rock a hawk, but as a girl in the Army, I'm *ahem* limited, lol. My hair is collar-length (like, shirt collar length) and I want to have a mohawk-type style that I can do up when I'm off-duty, but have it still look normal when I wear it down when I'm on duty. Does anyone have any pics of something like this or am I s.o.l.? lol
well, you could go for a fawx hawk when your off duty, or to make it look better a tri-hawk.. that way you dont have to worry about pinning back the sides. since tri hawks need so little shaved anyway id say they are the best way to go if you cant shave your head. look damn good, too!!
hey borntoblossom, if you leave a thicker hawk in the middle and you have somewhat thick and/or curly hair, you could rock a hawk in the army! i was navy back in the day and had my hair under cut pretty short under the longer top layers.
besides without hair on the sides, your gas mask will fit better... bonus!
There is nothing hotter to me than a chick with a hawk, being a punk helps too but that's beside the point. Chelsea hawks look the best on chicks in my opinion as long as the sides are buzzed instead of fully shaved.
yah.. fully shaved is a bit much. i like my fuzz
Just get one. Mohawks are cute on girls if done right^_^. Speaking of which my GF just got a Chelsea Hawk and it looks sex sex sexy.
i like chelseas


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